• Parking wrong way is illegal, but drivers say ticketing for it is new


    PITTSBURGH - Target 11 is uncovering ticket trouble in Pittsburgh neighborhoods.  People said they are now being fined for something they've done for years.

    Parking your car facing in the wrong direction is illegal in Pittsburgh, but some residents are telling Target 11 it was a rarely enforced law until now.

    “It has never happened before,” said resident Victor Mizrahi.

    Mizrahi has lived in the residential neighborhood in Squirrel Hill for 26 years, and this is the first time he has gotten a ticket for parking the wrong way.

    “It’s probably on the books that you should not park the wrong way but give us a warning,” he said.

    Target 11 has gotten a number of complaints from residents.

    “I guess the best thing to tell people is to follow the codes and what you know is the law because we don’t know what will be informed and what will not,” said councilwoman Theresa Smith.

    The Parking Authority said this is not a new effort.

    Over the past four years, 5,000 tickets have been issued to wrong way parkers.  Last year, 1,300 were handed out.

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