• 2 more luxury apartment buildings planned for Pittsburgh


    PITTSBURGH - Pittsburgh is known as one of the most livable cities.  So the question is do you prefer traditional or luxury living??
    With the recent building trend in high end loft apartments and condos, Pittsburgh developers are banking on that answer being luxury and lots of it.
    "It's probably good because Pittsburgh is growing a lot, and I think it should be among one of the major cities in the United States, and that's probably a good sign of that," said Abby Cook, a barista at Big Dog Coffee.
    The vacant lot at the corner of Hot Metal and Sydney Streets on the South Side will soon be the Hot Metal Flats.  Granite, hardwood and walk-in closets are among the standard appointments.
    “I've been looking around online for different apartments.  A lot of them range around $1,500 and being a recent graduate and everything, it's something I can't afford," apartment hunter Erin Morgan said.
    Despite the higher rent, there is a market for the lavish living spaces.
    The Strip District is home to a combination of old and new luxury lofts, such as the Cork Factory, Lot 24 and Three Crossings.
    “Upper-middle class, they might be attracted to the city, but for the smaller people, it’s kind of hard,” said Morgan.
    Construction on the Hot Metal Flats is set to begin in April, and Three Crossings’ construction will begin this summer.

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