• Police: 6-year-old pulls knife on playmate, steals iPod


    PITTSBURGH - Pittsburgh police said a 6-year-old pulled a knife on another 6-year-old at a Northview Heights playground and stole the child’s iPod.

    According to police, the robbery happened at a playground on Mount Pleasant Road on July 9.

    Investigators said a group of children were playing when one child pulled out the blade on a folding red Swiss Army knife and asked another child for his iPod.

    Officers said the victim gave the child the iPod in fear and went home to tell his parents.

    Police said the child’s parents then called police; the victim was not hurt.

    “If that young man would have refused, we don't know if that 6-year-old would have threatened him or cut him to get the iPod from him,” said Lt. Shirley Sloan.

    Investigators said no charges will be filed, but officers are working to mediate the situation between the two families involved. Police said the 6-year-old who pulled the knife was disciplined by his mother.

    Sloan said officers are more cautious when dealing with children.

    She said she is “letting them know not to put your guard down when you're approached and 6-year-olds are involved, that you know to keep an eye on them and be more alert.”

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