• Rabies vaccine packets distributed throughout Allegheny Co.


    PITTSBURGH - Officials with the Allegheny County Health Department will be distributing rabies vaccine packets in several areas this week.
    The bait, which comes in a small plastic packet coated with fishmeal, is specifically made for raccoons and laced with vaccine.
    Jack Matey with the health department showed Channel 11 the refrigerated trailer where more than 230,000 rabies vaccine baits are being stored.
    “That’s the fishmeal.  It draws the raccoons.  They eat the bait and they’re inoculated,” said Matey.
    Workers will be wearing T-shirts and driving vehicles marked to identify them as part of the Rabies Control Team.
    On Monday, crews tossed the bait from cars while others were on foot.
    If you or your kids come across one of the bait packets, just leave it on the ground.
    This is the 13th year of doing this.  The health department considers it a success.
    In 2002, 23 raccoon rabies cases were recorded.  This year, three cases have been recorded.
    The baits will be spread throughout the county through Friday.

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