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Sandusky trial updates: Closing arguments, jury deliberates (Warning: graphic content)



CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. - Channel 11 News will be covering the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse trial through its entirety.

See updates from the courtroom below.

Thursday June 21, 2012: Day 9

1 p.m.: Jury begins deliberations

12:30 p.m.: Prosecution presents its closing agruments

McGettigan is hard to hear and doesn't seem as smooth as Amendola. He seems scattered and doesn't have a good flow. He isn't pulling at the heartstrings or bringing any emotion to it.

 All the alleged victims are now in the courtroom and sitting in the front.

McGettigan showed the jury eight pictures of alleged victims as boys and said, "this is what this case is about."

McGettigan then showed the jury a picture of Sandusky and said, "This case is about him and what he did to them. It's not about conspiracies."

 He tells the jury "you saw a spectacle of witnesses."

 McGettigan says Amendola didn't ask specifics about the sex acts. He wanted to know about dates and times and locations.

 McGettigan talked about where he stood when asking witnesses questions. He talked about the behavior of the witnesses. He told a few stories about how lawyers act.

 McGettigan says Sandusky "was preying on boys who were most vulnerable."

 McGettigan says Sandusky "has the full spectrum of predatory pedophile behavior. Starts by hugging him in the shower. Then goes to touching genitals. Then it goes to extended touching. Then it goes to full blown sex."

 McGettigan says Sandusky "thinks these are relationships. In his mind doesn't think he did anything wrong."

 McGettigan says to the jury about the alleged victims, "You think for a minute those men didn't know what was going to happen. They knew they were going to be called liars."

 Talking about Bob Costas interview, Amendola says anyone who is asked if "they're sexually attracted to young boys" automatically responds, "No, are you crazy?"

 McGettigan took a few long pauses and looked down at his notes.

 McGettigan brought up Mrs. Sandusky and the last question he asked her during her testimony. "Why would they lie?" and Mrs. Sandusky's answer was "I don't know."

 McGettigan called Sandusky "a serial predatory pedophile."

 McGettigan kept telling personal stories to try and relate to the jurors.

 McGettigan walked over and stood next to Sandusky and told the jury that, "He molested these boys. He took pieces of their souls. He knows what he did. Give him the justice he deserves. Find him guilty of everything."

 McGettigan talked for an hour and five minutes.

  - update submitted by Channel 11's Courtney Brennan

11:51 a.m.: Defense presents its closing arguments

Sandusky's attorney spoke to the jury during his closing arguments about the lack of physical evidence in the case. Below is a transcript of what Amendola said.

"How could all these people come into court and say these horrible things happened if they didn't?  How could they say these things if they weren't true? When these charges came out Mr. Sandusky's world came to an end, his wife's world came to an end, his children's world came to an end.

 Mr. Sandusky asked, 'How do I fight this because I didn't do that.'

There's no physical evidence, there's not one piece of evidence.  In two of the cases we don't even have victims.

We found out that a lot of these kids knew each other. We know several of these alleged victims knew each other and spent time with Sandusky at the same time.

 Not one of those people came forward until this case broke, not one. In the hundreds of thousands of kids that he interacted with, not one counselor, not one teacher, not one parent ever said he did something."

Amendola says Sandusky told him when the charges were filed he said, "That's not true. I didn't do that. I'm innocent."

Amendola spoke passionately to the jury. He raised his voice at moments and pointedly emphatically as he spoke.

Amendola says "Is it possible that one victim stayed over Sandusky's house a hundred times while another victim says he stayed over every weekend at the same time and yet they never saw each other?"

 Amendola tells the jury it's inconceivable that Sandusky could be abusing boys at his house with his wife and adopted kids there. He said to the jury, "Could all this sex be going on? Could all this be going on and Mrs. Sandusky not be aware of it? Never walk in on something?"

 Amendola says, "It doesn't add up. It makes no sense."

 Amendola said to the jury, "How is it that all of these charges only go back to the 1990s?  Jerry Sandusky, in his mid-50s, decides to become a pedophile. Does that make any sense to you?"

 Amendola says the investigators had it out for Sandusky."They were going to get him, hell or high-water, even if they had to coach those witnesses."

 Amendola tells the jury, "Within days of the charges being filed, Joe Paterno was fired. Jerry's coach of 30 years was fired, then two Penn State administrators were charged with perjury, Curley and Schultz, both good men."

"Let's talk about the Bob Costas interview," Amendola said. "On November 14th Jerry agrees to an interview with Bob costas. He knows he's a tough interviewer. Jerry decided he wanted to tell the world he was innocent. He didn't have to talk. Folks, what was he supposed to say? He said he was innocent, he admitted what he did."

 Amendola is talking about the sex abuse allegations and says, "If you believe that Sandusky did this, he would have to be the boldest prepetrator in history."

 Amendola addresses McQueary. "McQueary didn't hear any screaming or struggling from victim #2 in the shower. Mike McQueary didn't do one thing to stop what he saw."

Amendola says, "Nobody wins in this case. If Jerry Sandusky did this he should rot in jail for the rest of his life. But what if he didn't do these things? His life is still ruined. We have a dead coach. We have a fired university president. You folks have to decide."

 Amendola ended by reading a poem that Jerry asked him to read to the jury. It was Mother Theresa's "Anyway" prayer.

 "The next book he ought to write is "Slammed" because that's what's happened to him," Amendola concluded.

10:11 a.m.: Judge charges the jury

The judge charged the jury.   Closing arguments start now.

The judge said the jury will get a sheet where each child is identified with the charges that pertain to that child.

The big question to the jury needs to answer is, "When does otherwise innocent contact become criminal?"

The judge says, "It's not necessarily criminal to touch a child."

The judge explains and says, "For example, it's not inappropriate for a teacher to put comforting arm around a crying child or a wrestling coach to show a young wrestler a move."

The judge continues and says, "It is however a crime for a man to have oral sex with a boy and if you believe that happened here then you can find the defendant guilty."

The judge tells the jury "It's not necessarily a crime for a man to shower with boy or wash hair or rub his shoulders, if he did those things, you might say he exercised poor judgement."

He said "It's not a crime if the behavior of an adult makes a child uncomfortable....What makes it a crime is the intent with which it is done."

The judge told the jury that "a display of affection is not a crime. It is a crime when it's performed to satisfy adult sexual desires. The issue is not what the child felt but what the defendant intended."




Wednesday June 20, 2012: Day 8

Defense rests its case. Sandusky did not take the stand. Closing arguments set to being Thursday at 9 a.m.



Tuesday June 19, 2012:Day 7

11:04 a.m.: Defense calls several character witnesses to the stand

First witness of the day was a female who went to The Second Mile as a child and said she has known Sandusky for 17 years.

She told the jury that she spent time at Sandusky's house and slept over a few times. She says Sandusky was a "very respected man in the community."  Her testimony only lasted a few minutes.

The next to take the stand was Joshua Green, 33, who said he found out last week that he would be a witness.

Green said he met Sandusky in 1990 through The Second Mile.  He said he spent time at Sandusky's house and spent a few nights there. Green said Sandusky's reputation was "very good." 

Meghan Rash, who lives in Milesburg took the stand and said she met Jerry Sandusky at The Second Mile. She said she knows Victim 4 and has known him for 18 years. She said Victim 4 has a reputation for being "dishonest."

Joyce Porter, a Sandusky family friend, also took the stand as a character witness She said, "All the people I know who know Jerry think he's a wonderful man."

 Porter said she has a son with Down syndrome and says that Dottie and Jerry Sandusky would take him to dinner and celebrate his birthday.

 One of the supporters gave her a small high-five when she got off the stand.

The defense called another character witness right from the courtroom. Phillip Mohr said he was a Penn State professor of microbiology and has known Sandusky for 35 years in a social sense. He said he used to be Sandusky's neighbor and go to the same church as Sandusky.

Mohr says Sandusky's reputation is "wonderful" and "great."

Next to take the stand was Jack Willenbrock, a former Penn State professor and neighbor of Sandusky. He said their kids grew up together and they would go to church together.

Willenbrock said Sandusky has an "excellent reputation" and among his children and grandchildren Sandusky is a "father figure."

During cross-examination Willenbrock said when the sex abuse allegations came out, "my wife and I are Christian and we were not the ones who were going to judge what Jerry did. They knew my stance and they didn't verbalize it in my presence. We never approached the issue of the Sandusky situation."

Trooper Scott Rossman from the Pennsylvania State Police took the stand and said he interviewed the alleged victim. He said the interviews happened over a period of time. The defense questioned Rossman and wanted to know if the interviews happened after press reports came out about Sandusky.

 Rossman says in some initial interviews with victims they said nothing or something minimal happened. In later interviews those victims told him more. Rossman says during the interviews he told the victims he thought there were things the young men weren't telling him.

Defense asks Rossman if his interview tactics tainted the investigation. Rossman says no.

During one of the interviews with the victims, the victim asked for his attorney to be present.

 The Defense asked very detailed questions about the interviews with the victims and whether the victim took a break and if the trooper followed him out.

Rossman says many of the victims would cry during their interviews and some became defensive and it was very difficult for them to talk about

Corporal Joseph Lieter, from Pennsylvania State Police took the stand and said he interviewed some of the alleged victim, but no more than three times. 

He said each of the accusers was "very injured" and we would tell them they "weren't alone...that there were others."

"The only thing we ever told them was there were others. We never told them what the other alleged victims said," Lieter said.


Monday June 18, 2012: Day 6


Prosecution rests its case. Defense begins.



Friday June 15, 2012:Day 5

Trial on recess until Monday



Thursday June 14, 2012: Day 4

4:30 p.m. Alleged love letters read

An investigator with the attorney general's office testified this afternoon. The investigator showed the jury lists that he found in Sandusky's home. The lists had names of Second Mile participants and had asterisks next to the names of the alleged victims.

Then the investigator read aloud some of the alleged love letters he found in Sandusky's old office at Penn State. One of the letters was written in the third person and Sandusky called himself "Jer." The letter said, "times were not always perfect...'Jer' would love to have the good times back...'Jer' needs a best friend."

Another letter was titled "The Great Pretenders" and Sandusky allegedly wrote "yes, I am a great pretender...however I can't pretend about my feelings for you."

There will be no court Friday. Session resumes Monday.

The prosecution didn't officially "rest" so they could bring someone back Monday, but their case is over.


1:04 p.m. Victim 3 takes the stand

Victim 3, a now 25-year-old man serving in the Army National Guard, took the stand Thursday afternoon. He said he met Sandusky through a Second Mile camp.

Vicitm 3 said Sandusky asked him why he slept with his clothes on and then he would take his clothes off and sleep in his underwear. He said Sandusky would blow on his stomach, tickle him and touch his genitals. He said Sandusky would also rub and kiss his shoulders.

In the showers, Victim 3 said he would try to shower far away from Sandusky and Sandusky would ask him to come closer and ask, "Why don't you love me?"

 Victim 3 says he knew this behavior wasn't supposed to happen with a grown man but Sandusky treated him like family and he loved Sandusky like family.

 Victim 3 says he then didn't see Sandusky because he was in and out of foster care and group homes. 

Victim 3 says he is enraged and hurt because Sandusky forgot about him at that point like he was nothing. 

Victim 3 said,"I would pray he would call me and find a way to get me out of there but it never happened."


 10:58 a.m.: Former Penn State police officer takes the stand

 Officer Ronald Schreffler worked for Penn State police back in 1998. Schreffler was contacted by Victim 6's mother who was concerned that her son had showered with Sandusky.

After the interview with the mom, Schreffler found out about another boy who had taken a shower with Sandusky.

Schreffler decided that the mom would wear a wire and ask Sandusky to come over and get him to talk about the incident.  Schreffler and another investigator hid in the house when Sandusky came over.

 Schreffler said the mother told Sandusky her son, "hadn't been the same" since the shower incident, and the boy wasn't sleeping.

 Sandusky asked the mother if she wanted him to talk to her son and the mother said no, Schreffler said.

 Schreffler said he contacted the district attorney and another meeting between Sandusky and the mother was set up.

 In the second meeting Sandusky told the mother, "I wish I could ask for forgiveness. I know I cannot get it from you. I wish I were dead."

Schreffler talked to the DA at the time, who is now missing, and the DA decided not to press charges.

 Schreffler said he then met with Sandusky and the State Department of Welfare and they interviewed Sandusky.  They asked Sandusky if he had showered with other young boys and Sandusky said he had.  Sandusky then said nothing sexual ever happened.  Schreffler told Sandusky to stop showering with boys and Sandusky said he did, "think it was inappropriate, he wouldn't do it again."

 Schreffler felt some charges should be filed against Sandusky but the former DA didn't think so.


10:30 a.m.: Victim 6 takes the stand

Victim 6 is now 25 and lives in Colorado.  In 1998, he lived in State College with his mom and sisters.  Victim 6 says he's a little bit nervous today.

 Victim 6 said he met Sandusky at a Second Mile picnic.

"I introduced myself to Sandusky because I was a huge fan of Penn State football and I was excited to meet him," Victim 6 said.

Victim 6 says Sandusky invited him to work out at one of the PSU facilities and Sandusky picked him up at home.  Victim 6 says he was very excited that day to see Sandusky and work out that day.

 Victim 6 says he got in the car and Sandusky put his hand on the victim's leg.  Sandusky took him to the football facility and let him try on some of the football players' uniforms. He said Sandusky gave him a pair of Joe Paterno's socks and he was thrilled with that.

 Sandusky started wrestling with him and Victim 6 says it felt uncomfortable, but he didn't say anything because it was Jerry Sandusky and he didn't want to make him mad.

 After only 15 minutes of playing he said Sandusky told him it was time to shower. Victim 6 says it was strange because he wasn't even sweating.

In the shower, Victim 6 said Sandusky invited him to the shower next to him saying he "warmed it up for him."  Sandusky called himself the "tickle monster" and started tickling Victim 6 on his stomach and chest area.

 Victim 6 said Sandusky then grabbed him and bear hugged him and playfully said, "I'm going to squeeze your guts out."

 "I remember seeing his chest hair next to my face and thinking, "This is icky," Victim 6 said.

 Victim 6 said he went home and told his mom, "If you're wondering why my hair is wet, we took a shower" and he ran to his room.

 Victim 6 says after this incident he still saw Sandusky and went to games with him or his family members.

 Victim 6 says Sandusky told him he would have him over and he could sit on Sandusky's lap and play on the computer.

During cross-examination, Victim 6 said he borrowed Sandusky's car one day last summer.  He says Sandusky offered it to him. Victim 6 said he also met Sandusky and his wife for lunch at a State College restaurant last summer.

 Sandusky gave Victim 6 the information to contact his defense attorney.

 In cross, Victim 6 says he sometimes called Sandusky on Father's Day to wish him well.

In cross, Victim 6 says he sent out a text to many people including Sandusky that said "I'm glad God has placed you in my life. You are an awesome friend. Love ya."

Defense asked Victim 6 what happened between these texts and today and why did he send Sandusky those nice texts and today testify for the prosecution? 

Victim 6 responded, "I quickly realized my perception had changed as an adult compared to when I was an 11-year-old boy.  I realized what had happened to me was inappropriate."




Wednesday June 13, 2012: Day 3


1:40 p.m.: Victim 10's foster mom takes the stand

Victim 10's foster mother took the stand and said Victim 10 was a very sweet child who was good in school. She she didn't have any problems with him at all.

She says she got a phone call from Jerry Sandusky and he said he was with The Second Mile and wanted to take her foster son on an outing.

 She says there then came a time when Victim 10 didn't want to go anywhere with Sandusky and didn't want to go back to The Second Mile program.

 She says when the victim recently told her what happened to him and it made her sick.

1:34 p.m.: Victim 7 takes the stand

When the prosecutor asked Victim 7 how he was, Victim 7 responded, "Well, I'm here."

Victim 7 said he remembered getting out of the pool and Sandusky came over and asked him if he was interested in going to Penn State games and the victim said yes.

Victim 7 says Sandusky would squeeze his leg and touch his groin area.   He says it happened with other kids in the car too He said whoever sat in the front seat or in the back middle seat, Sandusky would touch.

Victim says Sandusky would put his hand up the victim's shorts.

 Victim says there was an air mattress in the spare bedroom upstairs in the Sandusky house and Sandusky would come in and lay behind him and cuddle.  Sometimes Sandusky would caress the victim's chest.

 "To this day I'm repulsed by chest hair. I remember seeing and having it pressed up against me," Victim 7 said. "I just hate chest hair."

Victim says Sandusky "bear-hugged" him in the shower and picked him up off the ground.

 Victim says he sort of "blocked out" that part of my life and so he did not want to talk to the police and he did not want to be involved in the investigation at all.

 Victim 7 says he never told anyone about the abuse, not even his friend who is a fellow accuser.  He says his friend talked about abuse from Sandusky once.

 Victim 7 says more things have been coming back since the grand jury investigation.

 "I've been in counseling and that door I had closed is now open and things are coming back," Victim 7 said.

 The defense went after Victim 7's friendship with another accuser and says he talked to him a few days ago when he flew into State College from Colorado.

 Victim 7 said he and the other accuser would talk about what happened with Sandusky very vaguely.  Almost like the other accuser was confiding in him, Victim 7 said. 

Victim 7 said he didn't harbor any ill will toward Jerry Sandusky and asked for college financial aid from The Second Mile.  He wrote on the financial aid application that "Jerry Sandusky has changed my perceptions of life in a positive way." He is such a kind and caring gentleman and I will never forget him."

 Victim 7 says he didn't start feeling angry toward Sandusky until recently.


10:43 a.m.: Mike McQueary's father, Victim 10 take stand

John McQueary tells the jury about the phone call he got from his son after Mike McQueary said he saw Sandusky in the shower with a young boy.  His wife answered the phone and said, "It's Mike. There's something wrong."

 John McQueary says he asked Mike what was the matter and it took a few seconds for Mike to respond. John McQueary said he asked him again.  He said Mike sounded very upset, distraught and concerned.

 "I just saw something. I saw a coach downstairs in the shower," John McQueary quoted his son. "I saw coach Sandusky in the shower with a young boy." 

John McQueary said he told his son, "You need to get out of there."

John McQueary said he then called his boss and good friend, Dr. Dranov.  He said Mike then told him what he saw in more detail.  Mike told his dad that he heard a thrusting, slapping sound and Mike said, "I peeked my head around the corner and in the mirror I could see Sandusky and a young boy."

John McQueary said Mike told him that Sandusky was positioned behind the young man.  John McQueary said he asked Mike what was taking place and Mike said it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what was going on.

John McQueary says he asked Mike questions to get a more descriptive understanding.  John McQueary said he asked Mike if he saw anal sex.  "I might have used the word sodomy," John McQueary said. "And Mike said no, I did not witness penetration."

 John McQueary said he told Mike he had to report this to his supervisor at Penn State. "You have to report it to Joe Paterno."

 John McQueary said he brought up the Sandusky incident to Gary Schultz when he met with him on a separate business meeting months later.

 "I told Schultz I knew about the incident and wanted to know if anything had been done," John McQueary said.

 John McQueary says Schultz said that he had heard "noise" about this before and earlier reports before Mike's report.

During cross-examination the defense asks John McQueary: "What would your son have had to tell you that night for you to call 911?"

John Mcqueary answers: "He would have had to tell me he saw someone injured, someone crying, screaming… I don't know the answer to that."

 Victim 10 takes the stand

Victim 10 said he was in foster care and he went to The Second Mile program when he was 11 years old. He says he doesn't want to be here today but he's here because it's the right thing to do.  

Victim 10 says Sandusky contacted his guardian and said he wanted to pick him up and take him to a football game.  The victim says he then went to Sandusky's home and stayed in the basement.

 Victim 10 says they were wrestling and Sandusky pinned him to the ground and performed oral sex on him.  Victim 10 says he, "freaked out."

 Victim 10 says Sandusky told him if he told anyone, he would never see his family again.  Sandusky then apologized for that comment.

 Victim 10 says he was ashamed, scared and embarrassed.  As he got older he got in trouble with the law and had trouble with drugs and alcohol.  He is now married and expecting a child.

Cross-examination of victim 10:

 Victim 10 says he had a roommate one year and defense says that roommate is now of the accusers.

 Victim 10 says Sandusky also put his hands under his swim trunks in the pool one day.

 Victim 10 says Sandusky would put his hand on the victim's inner thigh when they were in the car together.

 Victim 10 recently served time in state prison for robbery and other crimes.

 This victim called the hotline when the Sandusky sex abuse scandal broke and told police his story.

Victim 10 says he does not have a private attorney for this case and has had no contact with his old roommate who is also a Sandusky accuser.

  - update submitted by Channel 11's Courtney Brennan



 Tuesday June 12, 2012: Day 2

1:35 p.m.: Mike McQueary takes stand

Witness Mike McQueary took the stand at 1:35 p.m. this afternoon. He was forceful and direct when answering questions. His answers were concise and came across as strong. He spoke directly to the jury when telling his story and made eye contact with them.

McQueary went to Penn State to play football, and then he returned to PSU as a grad student in 2000 and started working as a graduate assistant football coach.

During the first reference to Jerry Sandusky, Mike McQueary looked directly at Sandusky and held that look for a moment before answering the prosecution's next question.

A night in February of 2001, McQueary went back to the Lasch football building and when he went into locker room area he heard showers running and smacking sounds he described as “skin-on-skin smacking sounds.” 

McQueary said he was embarrassed that he was going to walk in on something he didn't want to see.

McQueary looked in the mirror and saw Sandusky right behind the back of a boy and the boy's hands were up on the wall and Sandusky's arms wrapped around the boy's midsection. McQueary said he only looked for one or two seconds.  He took a few steps to get a better look and looked again and saw what he saw again.

McQueary then slammed his locker shut to make a noise and then Sandusky and boy came apart and were standing about five feet apart from each other.

The prosecution asked, “Do you have any doubt that you saw Sandusky in that shower with that boy?” McQueary stared right at Sandusky and said, "No doubt, none." McQueary held that stare for several seconds.

McQueary said he wasn't able to process it right away. He said it didn’t register that it was in a Penn State football building.

McQueary then called his father from his office upstairs to get advice from his father. McQueary said he only told his father a vague description of what he saw. He then went to his father's house and his father called a confidante to get some advice.

McQueary told his dad and his dad's friend what he saw. It wasn't a detailed description, but McQueary made sure that his dad knew what he saw with Sandusky was sexual, wrong and perverse.  McQueary said, "Dad you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what was going on."

McQueary said he then called Joe Paterno and asked him to come over.

McQueary said he told Paterno what he had seen but did not go into gross detail. He told him what he had seen on the surface and that it was sexual and wrong. “I did not go into gross detail about the actual act,” McQueary said about his conversation with Paterno. His conversation with Paterno was 10 to 12 minutes long.

McQueary was not allowed to testify about Paterno's response on grounds of hearsay.

McQueary told the jury he thought he saw anal sex occurring but did not use that term with his father or Coach Paterno out of respect and out of his own embarrassment.

McQueary received a phone call from Tim Curley, Penn State athletic director, and Curley said to McQueary that he talked to Paterno about what he had seen and he wanted to meet with me.

McQueary met with Penn State Vice President Gary Schultz and Curley for 15 minutes and McQueary told the men what he saw. Schultz and Curley asked no questions just listened to McQueary.

Curley called McQueary about two weeks later, and said they looked into the situation. McQueary said in his mind, Mr. Schultz was the police.

He watched a news story about a boy scout leader who did the same thing he saw and he talked about it with his dad. McQueary did not discuss the details of what he saw with anyone, not even his closest friends.

The prosecution showed pictures of the Penn State locker room so McQueary could show the jury where he saw and how he saw it. They showed a picture of the shower stall where the sex act occurred and the position McQueary was in when he saw it.

They showed pictures of the shower with two manikins in it representing Sandusky and a boy in the shower. They also showed a picture of Mike McQueary standing in the locker room where he saw the abuse.


The defense showed McQueary-written documents where he said he only looked in the shower two times, not three.

The defense asked McQueary if there was some discrepancy over the dates. McQueary said there were, but he said several times he wasn't exactly sure about the dates.

When the defense pressed McQueary on what exactly he told his father, McQueary said his father came away from their conversation knowing that something extremely sexual happened between Sandusky and a boy.

McQueary sent some emails when the Sandusky news broke that said "I didn't just turn and run, I made sure it stopped." McQueary said he slammed his locker and made sure that Sandusky and the boy were apart and then he left.

McQueary said he made sure Paterno knew that what he saw between Sandusky and the boy was sexual.

McQueary said there was no way Sandusky's genitals were not right up against that boy's rear end.

 - update submitted by Channel 11's Courtney Brennan

12:15 p.m.: Case worker for Victim 1 takes stand

 Jessica Dershem, a case worker for Victim 1 said she was referred to Victim 1's case after he said something inappropriate happened between him and Sandusky

 Dershem said she interviewed Victim 1 and said he was shy but very polite.  At the end of the one-hour interview she said she felt like the victim had more to say but she couldn't push him on it yet.

 After the second interview with Victim 1, Dershem says there was enough to indict that there was child sexual abuse going on between Sandusky and Victim 1.  

After the state police were notified, the director of Clinton County Youth Services decided to sever ties with Sandusky's The Second Mile organization, Dershem said.

 Dershem said she held off from sending a letter to Sandusky about the allegations and investigation because they were fearful there would be retaliation against Victim 1.

Eventually Dershem said she interviewed Sandusky in person for about an hour. 

 Dershem said Sandusky told her he viewed Victim 1 as an extended family member, almost like a son.

 She said Sandusky told her that he asked Victim 1 for some help with a Second Mile event and he said no and Sandusky felt used.  She said Sandusky said Victim 1 only stayed at his house seven or eight times and that he didn't pull the victim out of class, only once did he have the principal pull the victim out of an assembly to talk to him.

 She says Sandusky admitted to giving the victim "raspberries," laying on top of him, cracking his back and rubbing the victim's back underneath his shirt.  Sandusky denied any sexual contact or any sexual intent with the victim.  Dershem says she found this behavior unusual.


12:12 p.m.: Victim 1's grandfather takes the stand

 Victim 1's grandfather is an older man with a large build.  He only testified for a few minutes.  He says he saw Sandusky pick up his grandson and would see Sandusky at his grandson's wrestling tournaments.

 Victim 1's grandfather said he received call from the boy's mother and asked him to come over to the house because Jerry Sandusky was at the victim's house for about an hour and wouldn't leave and Victim 1 didn't want to go anywhere with Sandusky.

 The grandfather said Sandusky wanted his grandson to give him a schedule for the summer and the Victim 1 kept telling Sandusky he didn't know what his schedule would be.

Victim 1's grandfather told Sandusky that if his grandson didn't want to give him his schedule then he should take one of the other kids to events over the summer.


10:54 a.m.: Defense cross-examines Victim 1

Victim a says Sandusky performed oral sex on him 80 to 90 percent of the time he stayed over in Sandusky's basement and that Sandusky's wife was always upstairs while this was going on. 

 Victim 1 then says Sandusky made Victim 1 perform oral sex on him.

 Defense says Sandusky bought the victim clothes so he could go to church and Sandusky was trying to introduce him to church.

 During the defense's cross-examination, the victim corrected Joe Amendola several times when Amendola would ask him questions.

 The defense questioned Victim 1 about a report that he allegedly made in 2008/2009 that a man in a suit approached him in a school bathroom.

 Amendola asked Victim 1 if he and his mother have ever told anyone that they would get rich off of this.

 Victim 1 said, "I'm here to tell the truth about what happened to me."

Victim 1 says it was hard for him to tell people about the sex abuse because it was embarrassing but he said, "I'm here now telling the full truth."

 After repeated questioning by Amendola about one particular instance, Victim 1 started crying and started to be exasperated and said very strongly to Amendola,  "It's hard enough for me to tell these folks on the jury what happened, let alone tell this whole room.  I'm sorry but you're asking me the same exact question over and over and over again and I'm going to give you same answers."

 - update submitted by Channel 11's Courtney Brennan

10:37 a.m.: Victim 1 takes the stand

The second day of testimony started right at 9 a.m.  The prosecution called victim 1.  He looked extremely nervous and almost terrified when he walked into the courtroom.  

Victim 1 said he is now 18 years old and grew up without a father in a public housing complex.  His school referred him to The Second Mile as a young boy.

Jerry Sandusky first approached Victim 1 during one of the Second Mile camps and started talking to him, he said.

 After the second or third year of camp, Victim 1 said Sandusky went to his home with other kids and picked him up for a day of swimming.

 Victim 1 said he went to football games with Sandusky and Sandusky would go to his wrestling tournaments and take pictures.  He says he then started staying over Sandusky's house with his mother's permission and slept most of the time in Sandusky's basement.

 Victim 1 says Sandusky put his hand on his leg and kept it there as he was driving. Victim 1 says no one else had ever done that to him.

 In 2005-2006, Victim 1 says he stayed at Sandusky's house more than 100 times and Sandusky would pick him up and bring him over.

 Victim 1 said Sandusky started kissing him on the forehead at night, and then kissing him on the cheek. That eventually led to Sandusky rubbing and then pulling the victim on top of him and cracking his back, Victim 1 stated.

 Victim 1 says he thought Sandusky saw him as family and this is what Sandusky's family does.

 Victim 1 says his wrestling coach would crack his back before matches but this was different. He said Sandusky would pull him on top of him so they were face-to-face and he would rub his back and push him up.

The prosecutor asked if  Victim 1 was OK and if he needed water half way through his testimony.

Victim 1 says Sandusky then kissed him on the lips and Sandusky would rub him underneath his shorts and that went on for awhile.  He says he was extremely confused and didn't know what was going on. During the summer, Victim 1 says he would stay at Sandusky's house for days and weeks.

Victim 1 started crying and it was hard for him to talk about the graphic sexual abuse.  Victim 1 then said that Sandusky put his mouth on his privates. He says he just kind of blacked out and didn't want it to happen and froze.  He says he was embarrassed and confused and he didn't know what to do.

Victim 1 continued crying as he testified about his encounters with Sandusky.  The prosecutor asked him several times if he could continue answering questions.

Victim 1 says Sandusky said to him, "It's your turn" and he made Victim 1 put his mouth on Sandusky's privates.  As Victim 1 told this story he put his hands over his face and sobbed.  Victim 1 said he was 13 years old at this time.

 Victim 1 says he then started wetting the bed and acting out.  He said he stopped playing football because he didn't want to see Jerry Sandusky anymore.

 Sandusky was a volunteer football coach at the high school where Victim 1 went.  He said Sandusky would go to his school and pull him out of class. Victim 1 says he didn't want to go and that he just wanted to get his work done.

Victim 1 said one time he was working out and went to climb on the rock wall and Sandusky came over and pulled him off the rock wall and put him on a wrestling mat and rolled on top of him and then Jeff Miller walked in and Victim 1 says he "felt relief."

Victim 1 says in 2008 he decided he was going to start avoiding Sandusky. When Sandusky was  at his house Victim 1 said he would hide under the pool table or in closets.

Victim 1 started spending less time with Sandusky and Sandusky went to his house and started yelling at him and told him that he needed to spend more time with him.

 One time, Sandusky tried to get Victim 1 out of class and instead the victim got on the school bus to go home. He says Sandusky followed the bus in his car and Sandusky hollered at the victim to get in his car.  Victim 1 said he started running and then hid behind a bush.

 Victim 1 said he asked his mother what the website is for adults who do things to children was and his mom said "Megan's Law. Why do you want to look at that?"  Victim 1 told his mom he wanted to see if Sandusky was on there.

 Victim 1 said he told a school counselor that  Sandusky had done things to him.  His mother was called and she called the police and Children and Youth Services.  Victim 1 says they didn't believe him, they said Sandusky has a heart of gold and wouldn't do anything like that.

 Victim 1 was afraid because of the all the connections and friends Sandusky had he thought he could hurt him or hurt someone close to him.

  - update submitted by Channel 11's Courtney Brennan


Monday June 11, 2012: Day 1


2:15 p.m.: Victim #4 testifies for prosecution

Dottie Sandusky was not in the courtroom for this testimony but her son, Matt, is. Victim 4 has on a buttoned-down white shirt and tie.

Jerry Sandusky turned in his chair and stared directly at Victim 4 as  he testified.

Victim 4 is now 28 years old and he spent time living with his parents and his grandmother when he was a young boy. He said he was referred to the Second Mile by a school counselor.  He says he got into a lot of trouble as a boy and went to camps hosted by The Second Mile.

Victim 4 said he went to a Second Mile overnight camp and stayed in the dorms at Penn State.  He met Jerry Sandusky through his roommate at this camp.

Sandusky came to his room and Sandusky introduced himself. While they were at the camp, Sandusky found out Victim 4 lived in Centre County and Sandusky told him he was a Penn State football coach and asked him if Victim 4 would be interested in doing anything at all.  Sandusky got a hold of him shortly after the camp and invited him to a family picnic.

Sandusky picked up Victim 4 for the family picnic and he met Sandusky's family members, Victim 4 testified.  He said at one point they went to a local beach and Sandusky was throwing kids in the water.  The alleged victim says Sandusky acted like he couldn't get a good grip on the kids' buttocks and would brush their genitals with his hand.

After this, Sandusky called Victim 4 again and asked him if he wanted to play basketball or racquetball and took him to the PSU campus.  The only thing that was unsettling about this trip, Victim 4 stated, is that Sandusky took him to the locker room to shower after they played sports.  Victim 4 says he had never taken a shower with anyone before and he thought it was strange that Sandusky wanted to take a shower together.

Victim 4 seems calm and well-spoken.  When he refers to Jerry Sandusky sometimes he gestures to where Sandusky is sitting and glances over.

Again, Sandusky called a few weeks later and asked if he wanted to play sports and then Sandusky took Victim 4 to the PSU campus and then they showered together.

At one point, Victim 4 said the showers then became more physical with hugging. Victim 4 said he was around 13- or 14-years-old during this time.

The prosecution showed a picture of Victim 4 when he was 13- or 14-years-old and Sandusky's hand was on his shoulder in the picture.

Victim 4 said horsing around between he and Sandusky then lead to Sandusky caressing him and then Sandusky would want Victim 4 to wash him.

The now 28-year-old told the jury that Sandusky would take his hands and put them on his genitals and every other part of Sandusky's body and Sandusky would touch him. He said Sandusky would put his hand on his leg when they would ride in the car together like he was Sandusky's girlfriend.  It happened every time they were in the car together and it really bothered him,  Victim 4 stated.

The football season had just started during all of this so Victim 4 said Sandusky would take him to the games.  Sandusky would pick him up after school and they would go back to Sandusky's house and Victim 4 said he would stay the night. 

Victim 4 said they would go to the Saturday football game the next day and he would get to be on the sidelines with Sandusky.

During Victim 4's testimony, Sandusky would take notes and pass them to his attorney.

Victim 4 said he didn't tell anybody because he was scared. He also said he didn’t tell anyone because he was a young kid and Sandusky was taking him to football games and buying him things.

The soap washing in the shower then escalated to Sandusky putting Victim 4 on the ground, he said, and Sandusky would kiss the victim's thighs and put his genitals in the victim's face. The victim says Sandusky tried to put his genitals in the victim's mouth.

Victim 4 says he tried to resist and Sandusky would get angry. Victim 4 said the incidents were never talked about. He said the incidents happened in the PSU coaches' showers and in the coaches' locker room.

Victim 4 said many of the coaches would walk in while he was in the coaches' locker room but nothing was going on.  He said knew most of the players and it was such a big deal to him.

There were a few occasions, Victim 4 testified, where Sandusky tried to penetrate him with his penis and tried to stick his finger in the victim's backside.

The shower "incidents" happened almost every time Sandusky and Victim 4 were together, he said, and it escalated to the point where Sandusky would put his genitals in the victim's mouth and sometimes Sandusky ejaculated.

Victim 4 says these incidents happened two to three times a week for several years.  He says the shower incidents happened at least 40 times inside the Lasch building on the PSU campus.

 "I never really had a father figure and you have to realize I'm in high school at this point and now kids are jealous of what I have. They're making fun of me and say things like, 'You're being molested by Jerry Sandusky.' I have to pretend that this isn't happening, but it really is. If I ever said anything the teasing and the joking would have gotten so much worse," Victim 4 said.

 - update submitted by Channel 11's Courtney Brennan


11:43 a.m. : Defense's Opening Statemets

Jerry Sandusky's attorney, Joe Amendola, started his opening statement at 11:00 a.m.

 Amendola told the jury there has been a tidal wave of media coverage labeling these young men as victims.

 Amendola says representing Sandusky is like climbing Mt. Everest.  The prosecution has given him boxes and boxes of material to go through.

 Amendola says there are no victims in this case and the only way there will be "victims" is if the jury determines Sandusky is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

 The one constant these past several months is that Jerry Sandusky has maintained his innocence.

 Amendola calls them "accusers" - the prosecution calls them "victims."

 Amendola says there was no sexual touching between Sandusky and any of the alleged victims.  Sandusky did shower with boys and played with them but there was no sexual touching.

Amendola said that Sandusy took showers with kids and many people may think that is strange.  But Amendola said Sandusky will testify that when he grew up there was a culture where it was routine for men to shower with boys.

Amendola also said that his team doesn't think that Mike McQueary lied, rather they think he saw something and made assumptions.  They think McQueary assumed a sexual act occurred.

 It doesn't make any sense that four grown men, four well-respected men heard the allegations against Sandusky and none of them called the police, Amendola said.

 The evidence will show, Amendola said, that six of the young men who will testify have civil lawyers.  It's very rare for a victim to have an attorney other than the Commonwealth, Amendola said, and in this case the alleged victims have their own attorneys.

 Amendola says if the alleged abuse really happened then why did some "victims" maintain a relationship with Sandusky.

 Amendola told the jury that Sandusky loves kids so much that he does things none of us would dream of doing.

- update submitted by Channel 11's Courtney Brennan


10:26 a.m.:  Prosecution's opening statements

  Dottie Sandusky came in with Matt Sandusky and other members of Jerry Sandusky's family at 8:25 a.m. and sat in the front right corner of the courtroom. Sandusky's supporters take up four rows in the courtroom.  A former Penn State football coach who was Sandusky's mentor is also here.

 Boxes and boxes of files pertaining to the alleged victims were brought in before court started. Jerry Sandusky looked at all the jurors as they were seated by the court.

 The judge spoke to the jury and said, "Many of you are Penn State students or faculty. Some of you are football fans. Some of you could care less.  You are a cross section of the people in Centre County. You are a jury of the defendant's peers."

 Dottie and Matt Sandusky had to leave the courtroom during opening statements because they will be called to testify as witnesses.

 The prosecution outlined the testimony the jurors will hear throughout the case.  The prosecution says the case against Sandusky has to do with systemic behavior by a serial predator.

 Some of Sandusky's alleged victims were victimized for years, the prosecution said.  One of the victims is a PSU graduate, another is a war veteran.

Prosecutors went on to say that some of the victims were molested. Others were victimized in a way that escalated over the years.  Six of the victims didn't have a father.  Prosecutors said the victims were abused for sexual purposes by Jerry Sandusky.

The prosecution showed pictures of all the alleged victims as boys on a big screen in the courtroom and called them by name. Sandusky looked over at each picture as it was posted on the big screen and took notes.

In one of the photos, Jerry Sandusky's hand was on the shoulder of one of the alleged victims.

 The prosecutor says many of the victims have tried to bury the abuse they endured and so some of the recollections may not be perfect.

The prosecution then told the jury The Second Mile was the perfect environment for a predatory pedophile.

Noteably, prosecutors said that Penn State is not on trial here.  It is possible that signs of abuse seen on the campus at Penn State could have been handled better, but Jerry Sandusky is on trial, not PSU.

In big, block letters the prosecution then put up the words "humiliation, shame, fear" and said those were the three emotions that the victims experienced that led to "silence."

 The defendant's behavior was observed and investigated four different times before any official action was taken.

 The prosecution told the jury they will hear from Mike McQueary who saw his former coach naked in a shower behind a boy, both of the their hands were pressed up against the shower wall and there was skin-to-skin contact.  Prosecution actually demonstrated the stance Sandusky was in with the boy.

- update submitted by Channel 11's Courtney Brennan