• Second rabid cat found in Allegheny County


    PITTSBURGH - The rabies alert in the Pittsburgh’s Spring Hill neighborhood went up after a stray cat in the area of Rostock Street tested positive for rabies.
    Sharon Silvestri, chief of the infectious diseases program with the Allegheny County Health Department, said it was the second rabid cat the county has found this year.
    "If you see an animal that's acting strange, if it's not walking well and if it's dragging its back legs, there is certainly a possibility that this animal could be positive for rabies,” said Silvestri.
    The health department also issued a rabies alert for Dormont after a parent said she saw children petting and feeding baby raccoons at Dormont Park.
    “Use common sense and know if the raccoon is out during the day, then there’s an issue,” said parent Amy Lieb.
    The health department has been distributing the rabies vaccine to help reduce the number of cases.
    “County residents should avoid contact with all wild animals out there or pets that are not their own,” said Silvestri.

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