• Sewer grate temporarily fixed in Troy Hill; Residents waiting for permanent fix


    PITTSBURGH - A Troy Hill sewer grate, that residents said was dangerous for children and pets, has been temporarily fixed.

    On Wednesday, Channel 11’s Courtney Brennan saw children playing in the alley that has grate.

    Mother Libby Weir said she and other parents called the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority several times.

    Weir said a neighbor who works for the PWSA heard Channel 11 was looking into the story Tuesday.

    “This morning, they put a metal sheet on it,” said Weir.  “I’m sure that because we reached out to Channel 11 that it got fixed.”

    Brennan heard from the PWSA Wednesday afternoon and was told the sewer basin and grate are “old-style models” that are no longer made.  The PWSA said it has asked a contractor to construct a new sewer basin and grate.  The PWSA didn’t say when they would be ready but said it’s a priority.


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