• Sports blog ranks Steelers fans as 6th dumbest in America


    PITTSBURGH - The sports blog Outkick The Coverage recently released its list of the “Dumbest Fan Bases in America,” and the Pittsburgh Steelers made the list.

    “Steelers fans are everywhere. Not because their fan base is so large, but because the city of Pittsburgh is such a dump that if these fans had stayed in Pittsburgh they'd all be unemployed, homeless, and using their terrible towels to help stay warm while sleeping on top of a street vent,” Clay Travis wrote.

    The Steelers were rated as the sixth dumbest fan base in America, according to Travis.

    “Steeler Nation? Please. That isn't a nation, it's just a collection of people who didn't want to be homeless and decided to move to your city instead of staying in Pittsburgh and freezing to death,” Travis said.

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