• Target 11: Pittsburgh neighborhoods with most snow, ice removal complaints


    PITTSBURGH - Target 11 has the list of neighborhoods with the worst snow and ice problems.  Investigator Rick Earle went to the areas with the most complaints and took the complaints directly to city officials.

    So far this year, the city has gotten more than 3,000 complaints about snow and ice removal.

    The most complaints, 217, were from people in Brookline.

    "The roads are horrible at all times,” said a pizza delivery driver.

    Brookline is followed by Squirrel Hill, with 196 complaints.  Greenfield had 182.

    “It doesn't surprise me at all, given the lack of snow removal we've had and all the hills around here. It makes it very difficult to get around,” said Greenfield resident Chris Bonneau.

    “We are not doing the job we need to,” said City Councilman Dan Gilman.

    Gilman represents part of Squirrel Hill.

    He said the new administration inherited a system plagued with problems -- maps that haven't been updated since the 1980s, streets that aren't on plow routes and trucks with no GPS units.  He said the city is working to make major changes.

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