• Hatch confirmed at rebuilt Hays bald eagle nest


    PITTSBURGH - The Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania has confirmed a hatch at the rebuilt bald eagle nest in Pittsburgh’s Hays neighborhood.

    Because the webcam cannot see into the rebuilt nest, there is no visual confirmation of the hatch.

    However, experts said the confirmation is based on the adult eagles’ behaviors.


    They are bringing food into the nest and ripping it into small pieces, then leaning over to feed the eaglet, the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania said in a news release.

    When images are available of the chick, they will be distributed.

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    The eagles built a new nest in February, after winds gusting to 60 mph destroyed the tree containing the previous nest.

    The new nest is in a tree located a couple of hundred yards to the right of the old nest.



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