Police need help identifying suspect in Ambridge church break-ins


AMBRIDGE, Pa. - Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying suspects wanted for breaking into churches in Beaver County.  

Two churches in Ambridge have been targeted over the past week, investigators said.

Police said Saint Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church was hit twice, two nights in a row.  First United Methodist Church also was burglarized. 

The thieves took money, televisions, stamps and other items from the churches, investigators said. 


Ambridge police wanted Channel 11 to get surveillance pictures out.

The chief says the burglars got in through a stained glass window.

Members at one of the churches are so scared, they're changing all the locks. 

"We forgive them and just hope it stops," said Bob O'Palka, who works at St. Peter and Paul.


The suspects broke through the locked fence and made their way up a ramp, jumped on top of a porch roof and hit a stained glass window to get in.

Surveillance video captured a suspect walking down the street after one of the crimes.

Police believe the same man is responsible for a different break-in at First Methodist United Church a few blocks away on Monday night.

St. Peter and Paul was hit both Wednesday and Thursday nights.

The pictures and the video are a little grainy, but Ambridge police ask anybody who recognizes the man to call them at 724-266-3270.


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