• Blockage in Bellevue pipe cuts heat, hot water to some customers


    BELLEVUE, Pa. - The main street in Bellevue, Lincoln Avenue, is a mess Friday night as crews work to get heat and hot water back on for local businesses and families. 

    “Said they were gonna shut our gas off,” said Debbie Romano. “Don’t you love that noise?”

    Romano says crews and her landlord moved in fast. Columbia Gas says a blockage caused the problem. 

    “Nothing can be planned when an accident like this happens,” she said.

    But on the coldest night so far this season, the businesses and families living above them need to stay warm. 


    “It is freezing in here. My feet are like ice,” Romano said. “We have not had anybody in the store for hours because of what’s going on on the street. People aren’t walking by.”

    Crews hope to have the problem fixed overnight.


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