• Woman convicted of killing husband arrested for threatening to shoot judge


    GREENSBURG, Pa. - A woman previously convicted of killing her husband after botching a castration operation in their Butler County home, was arrested Monday after she threatened to shoot a judge, police said.

    Tammy Felbaum entered the Westmoreland County Courthouse Monday morning and placed her purse on a conveyor belt of an X-ray machine, police said. Felbaum allegedly said, “I have guns and an Uzi in my purse, also a rocket launcher,” according to a criminal complaint.

    Police said that upon walking through a metal detector, Felbaum said, “I am going to shoot a judge today.”

    Felbaum, who was at the courthouse for a hearing, continued being disruptive and yelled obscenities, police said. She was arrested and later admitted to the incident, police said.

    She was arrested and later admitted to the incident, police said.

    In 2012, Felbaum spoke with Channel 11’s Rick Earle about her husband’s death, for which she spent more than a decade behind bars. She had been convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2002.

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    Authorities said Felbaum’s husband died two days after a castration operation in their Marion Township mobile home. Felbaum said her husband began the surgery because he didn’t want testosterone, and she stepped in when he ran into problems.

    Felbaum claimed her husband overdosed on oxycotin and that he was OK after the operation.

    “No, I did not have anything to do with his death. My husband died from complications of a drug overdose, not complications of any surgery. I did not kill my husband. My husband was not laying there bleeding. You know it’s not something you die from. It’s a minor surgery,” she told Earle.

    Investigators determined that although Felbaum’s husband died from asphyxiation after choking on his own vomit, the castration contributed to his death.



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