• FBI digging where treasure hunters are thinking of gold


    BENEZETTE TOWNSHIP, Pa. - The Federal Bureau of Investigation is digging in a remote spot of Western Pennsylvania.

    Treasure hunters are convinced they know what the team will find because they believe the investigation ties all the way back to the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln.

    Agents from the FBI and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources were both seen digging in Elk County on Tuesday.

    But they're staying tight-lipped about what they hoped to find off Route 555.


    According to NBC affiliate WJAC-TV, the FBI said what was happening in Benezette Township was "court-authorized law enforcement activity."

    But reporter also noticed a lost treasure team on hand.

    In 2008, that same team told WJAC-TV it found gold in that area, dating back to the Civil War.


    It claimed Abraham Lincoln ordered the gold shipment to pay Union soldiers and it went right through Elk County.

    The group claimed in 2012 it found the gold and federal officials wouldn't let them dig it up.

    The FBI did not allow the treasure hunter group to speak with WJAC-TV.



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