Man shot on porch while protecting 9-year-old girl

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NORTH BRADDOCK, Pa. — A local man is being called a hero for jumping in front of a 9-year-old during a shooting.

Jaimire Dutrieuille is still in the hospital after last week’s shooting in North Braddock, when police say he was sitting on a porch at Third and Reeves way when he was shot multiple times.

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According to an Instagram post from his former high school basketball coach, Dutrieuille was shot while protecting the life of a young girl, saying he "used his body as cover to protect a 9-year-old girl saving her life"

Now friends and family have set up a GoFundMe account, hoping to raise money for the man who they say has a heart of gold and a positive attitude on life.


“His heroic actions have put him in a place that is going to take a long time to heal some of his wounds, including his vision which may never heal,” the Instagram post says.

Even from a hospital bed, Dutrieuille is exactly how so many describe him.

"I was just walking to her house to just, to go see one of her big brothers. I guess someone else was standing on the porch with a gun or whatever the case may be, because I don’t even remember that much," Dutrieuille said.

Dutrieuille doesn't remember much, but those who were around told him he was shot as he used his body to shield the 9-year-old girl.

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"I guess I went into flight or fight. I took the flight route and covered up Marajuh. Took the bullets and that was that," Dutrieuille said.

“He did risk his life to save someone else’s. It’s the kind of person he is. I’m not surprised," said Dutrieuille's father, Juan Dutrieuille.

Allegheny County police tell Channel 11 they don't have any one arrested in the shooting and are still looking for suspects.