Neighbor's security camera catches burglar in the act

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ASPINWALL, Pa. — A burglar was caught breaking into a house in Aspinwall by a neighbor's security camera.

One of the homeowners came home to find his house had been ransacked.

What worried him most was not the missing valuables, but his grandmother lives there and this was very traumatic for her.

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"I missed a call from my grandmother, I pulled up the house saw her standing outside the house crying she said someone has broken into the house," Rusty Rosado said.

The neighbor shared security footage with Channel 11, in which the suspect can be seen wearing red.

"They went in and opened all the drawers overturned everything - we noticed pillow cases missing we think they stuffed jewelry in there," Rosado said.

When Rosado saw the video, he said it looked as if the burglar knew exactly what they were doing.