Bank card skimmer found on gas station ATM

Police in Crafton are warning people after bank card skimmer was found on an ATM at a busy gas station.
The Sunoco gas station on Route 60 is on a route popular with drivers who are trying to avoid the Parkway West. 
Thieves typically put skimmers on gas pumps to steal credit card information, but in this case the skimmer was attached to an ATM inside the store. 



Crafton police collected surveillance video in hopes it will show who attached the device to the ATM. Police said they don’t know if there are any victims, but one fraudulent skimmer can have a big impact on people’s bank accounts. 
Sunoco corporate officials said they believe they found out about the skimmer in time. Company officials said there was no transmitter on the device, so the data was stored in the skimmer. 
Officials said they don't believe customer information was put at risk, but police said that customers who used the ATM should check with their bank.



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