Boaters normally docked near Hulton Bridge relocated after train derailment in Harmar Township

PITTSBURGH — A section of Freeport Road remains closed at the Hulton Bridge as work continues following the Harmar train derailment.

From the bridge, you can see the Oakmont Yacht Club.

Normally, many boats would be anchored near one of the islands on the other side of the Hulton Bridge.

Boaters were first told the river would be closed from the derailment site in Harmar, all the way down to the Point.

Then a two-mile safety zone was established between the lock and the Hulton Bridge, right in the area of Twelve Mile Island.

If you call the designated number to request access to this area, the authorities will tell you that they reopened the river yesterday.

But many boaters say they’re just staying away from the area and giving crews space to do what they need to do.

“This is a very busy pool of water and especially on weekends on nice sunny weekends. It can be really extremely heavy traffic out there, but it wasn’t the case this weekend.”

All nine tankers that fell into the water have now been removed.

The river is now completely reopened, according to the Coast Guard.