‘Don’t give up’: East Hills mother who lost her son last year wants answers about his murder

PITTSBURGH — It’s been five months since an East Hills mother lost her son. Now, with an increase in violent crime in the city of Pittsburgh, she tells Channel 11 she doesn’t want anyone to forget about her son: Michael Smith.

Back in November, Carmen Randall says her son was walking home on East Hills Drive when she believes gang members drove up to her son and asked him, “are you in a gang?,” Before Smith could answer he was shot multiple times. The 20-year-old died in the street, just feet from his front door.

“Its very hard going outside, because I have to see the scene where my son laid…every day,” said Randall. “He was never in a gang, he wasn’t a drug dealer. He didn’t have a childhood record or adult record. It’s sad, it’s mistaken identity.”

This year alone, the city of Pittsburgh has already reported 20 homicides.

Randall tells me with crime on the rise, she’s working to keep her son’s name out there and his 2021 case from going cold.

“The latest I was told is that they have the car that was involved. They are waiting on fingerprints and evidence, but that’s about it,” said Randall. “I just don’t want my son’s case to (be) pushed to the back burner, because he was an innocent young man. Please, just don’t give up. Don’t give up on Michael’s case.”

Randall believes the people who killed her son were wearing masks and are possibly still out on the street. She’s also urging police to investigate people who may already be behind bars.

Pittsburgh police tell Channel 11, this is an open and ongoing investigation, and they encourage anyone who believes they can help move this case forward to give them a call at 412-323-7161.