Man rescued after falling 25 feet into mine shaft in Luxor

First responders describe Wednesday’s call for a patient stuck in a hole — as unusual.

Yellow caution tape still surrounded the property in Luxor on Thursday and a piece of wood covers the hole where this man fell in and was trapped underground.

Michael McCabe has just a scratch and some soreness after falling 25 feet into a mine shaft in Luxor.

His sister told us what was going through her mind when she got that call Wednesday.

”How in the heck did this happen? We were not home at the time… We get there and it’s utter craziness,” Lisa Fry said.

McCabe was cutting his neighbor’s grass when mine subsidence caused the ground to give way.

Someone inside the house heard his screams and called 911.

Pictures from Crabtree Fire Department showed just how deep and wide the hole was.

”It’s more of a confined space situation; realizing at the top of the hole was essentially 3-foot round, so it was difficult to get an individual down in to stabilize the victim, put the harness on so we can remove the individual,” Chief Anthony Kovacic said.

“From what we were told it was a 25-foot drop. It was very dark down there, obviously, the only light, he said, was coming from the top of the hole. He said it was very muddy, and he just wanted to get out of there,” Fry said.

Firefighters had him back above ground in 40 minutes.

Hempfield Township and Department of Environmental Protection investigators were back at the house Thursday.

”That’s what we’re doing now. Taking measurements and the work will begin to resolve that issue,” Kovacic said.

Luxor is an old coal mining town. The house sits across from where a coal tipple once stood off Tipple Row Road.

Everyone is thankful this had a good outcome.

”We are very fortunate. He definitely had some angels watching out for him, that’s for sure,” Fry said.

A spokesperson for DEP said its investigators have the ability to conduct emergency projects like this one because it is a public safety risk.

They plan on having a crew out next week to fill the hole and eliminate the hazard.