New York Times article, video highlights Pittsburgh's hidden gems

PITTSBURGH — A New York Times article and accompanying video that captures some of Pittsburgh’s hidden gems is making its way around the Internet, helping to change some peoples’ outdated perceptions of the Steel City.

From Arsenal Cider House in Lawrenceville to East Liberty's Bicycle Heaven, the world's largest bicycle museum and shop, the NYT "36 Hours in Pittsburgh" article highlights some of the city's lesser known attractions.

“I know that combined with other videos, articles and even social media, they help change the perception of Pittsburgh,” Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto said. “So many people who live in Pittsburgh may not realize the national and international perspective of our city is still as part of the Rust Belt.”


In recent years, the city has undergone a major transformation, emerging as a hub for science, technology and robotics.

Peduto said that’s part of his only complaint with the NYT article, that it focuses exclusively on the city’s trendy and cultural side and ignores its evolution as a whole.

“What the NYT article was looking at was the increase of restaurants, local craft beers. What they miss is the rest of Pittsburgh. There are other things happening that’s more diverse than that one little part,” he said.

Regardless, Peduto said the article still could help draw in new tourists.

“It’s not that they see that one part and say that must be what all Pittsburghers like. No one would ever think that,” he said.