Neighbors present concerns over fracking in court

PITTSBURGH — Fracking cases have been fought for years and are being pushed though the court system, as well.

Patrice Tomcik, of Adams Township in Butler County, said the fracking in Middlesex Township has a direct impact on her family.

“It's extremely frustrating because as a parent, all we want to do is protect our children,” said Tomick, who is part of Western Pennsylvania’s chapter of Moms Clean Air Force.

Jordan Yeager, attorney for neighbors in Middlesex Township, argued against fracking operations within a half-mile of a school.

“In 2012 and 2013, the court said you can't have drilling everywhere that violates the property rights of the residence. It violates the environmental rights of residence,” said Yeager

The Middlesex Township case is one of three being presented at the Allegheny Courthouse. Fracking cases were also heard from Allegheny Township and Jefferson Hills.

“They all have similarities because they go to questions about how far can a municipality go in and starting drilling everywhere,” said Yeager.

It is unclear when any decision will be made regarding any of the cases.