Brewery owners determined to open Pittsburgh location despite COVID-19 pandemic

Brewery owners determined to open Pittsburgh location despite COVID-19 pandemic

PITTSBURGH — Many businesses are closing and many are barely hanging on due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but some new businesses are in the process of opening.

Jennifer and Mike Onofray are navigating their way through so many obstacles, and they’re determined to hang on to their dreams.

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Their “Two Frays Brewery” location in Pittsburgh’s Garfield neighborhood was set to open in August, but construction had to come to an abrupt halt because of the coronavirus.

“It delayed us by a solid five months,” said Jennifer. “We are going to kick off with six flagship beers -- really, primarily targeting the porter.”

There will be outdoor space, options to buy canned beer and a wide range of small food items -- even vegan and gluten-free snacks.

The owners are always revising their plan to make sure they operate in accordance with any new COVID-19 orders or guidelines.

“We have had to adjust our business plan financially and how we will operate. There is going to be a lot of takeaway, of course,” Mike said.

They said they aren’t eligible to get any help from the government because they aren’t technically open yet and, thus, don’t have any operating costs.

Jennifer said she is working another job right now to help with costs, and they are getting other types of support from the community.

Their advice to other business owners who are in the same fight is to be resilient and optimistic.

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