Drivers concerned over personal information displayed on Dormont visitor parking passes

DORMONT, Pa. — Drivers are concerned over visitor parking passes in Dormont, telling Channel 11 their personal information is on display for anyone to see.

“I love living in Dormont. I have no complaints about it, but this is literally the only thing,” Yazmin Pena said.

Pena said she’s lived there since 2019.

“Our visitor pass has my full name on it, my full address, so I was a little like uncomfortable with that,” she said.

She said she posted her concerns to the social media platform NextDoor and her neighbors were on the same page.

“Everyone was in agreement with me. Everyone was like yeah, that shouldn’t be how it works. It was kind of outrageous,” Pena said.

She tried reaching out to the borough about it weeks ago using their online contact form, but said she got no response. She’s now trying to find her own solution.

Dormont police told Channel 11 said they only need the permit number on those visitor passes to be able to look them up in the system. They said they haven’t heard any complaints yet about the visitor parking passes, but Pena said it’s time for an upgrade.

“It’s kind of ridiculous because like you don’t need any of this,” Pena said. “It would actually make people’s lives a lot easier if we just kind of went digital because we are in that age at this point.”