Pitt: Unvaccinated students disenrolled for spring semester

PITTSBURGH — Students who did not comply or have an approved exemption to the University of Pittsburgh’s vaccination policy were notified they would not be allowed to live in residence halls or enroll in classes for the spring semester.

Pitt officials announced Dec. 6 the requirement was being put in place and students had until Jan. 1 to get fully vaccinated. The policy also applies to employees.

Pitt, across all four of its campuses, has more than 33,800 students and more than 14,500 faculty and staff members.

A spokesperson said 96% of the university community has been vaccinated, but more than 1,300 students and 580 staff members have not.

Any student who gets vaccinated after being disenrolled will be allowed to return after providing proof of vaccination or getting an approved exemption. Any student who chooses to not take the steps to return can also apply for a refund.

Pitt students Channel 11 News spoke with are split on the policy.

“I think it’s a personal choice. Everything should be a personal choice, and I think the university mandating it for young, healthy individuals is ridiculous,” student Alexander Rihn said.

“I think what the university is doing is good. I’ve seen a lot of people get COVID,” another student said.

University officials said unvaccinated employees and staff members would be subject to disciplinary measures.