Residents worried about crumbling hillside in Pittsburgh neighborhood

PITTSBURGH — A crumbling hillside in the South Side Slopes has neighbors concerned about their safety and the stability of the hill.

Earlier this summer, there was a landslide off of Oporto Street on Billy Buck Hill. Since then, the roadway has continued to slide down the hill, and Oporto Street is now closed.

Neighbors told Channel 11′s Gabriella DeLuca, they are worried about how emergency vehicles would access the area, and the possibility of the slide getting worse and threatening homes.

It’s been this way for most of the summer — and neighbors, like Blake McLaren, are starting to worry.

“We are worried about basic access to homes, property and life. We are worried about bringing up emergency vehicles if and when there are emergencies,” McLaren said.

Landlord Jim Grzeczka said he is concerned about the houses on the hill sliding.

“To have the houses here yeah I’m concerned bc it could roll right over the hill,” he said. “My tenants are totally upset we don’t know what’s going to happen. If they’re going to take the building to make the road wider.”

The neighbors are hoping the city will make a repair before more of the hillside is gone.

Right now, sandbags, barriers, and a “Danger” sign block anyone from driving down Oporto Street. During the winter months it’s the only entry way because the surrounding streets are too steep.

When it comes to emergency vehicles accessing this area, a city spokesperson said the department of mobility and infrastructure is coordinating with Public Safety to make sure first responders can service this part of the slopes.

The city says they’re hiring an engineer to come up with a plan to design and restore Oporto Street, and will be releasing those details to the community once they have them.