Teen cleared of sex assault charges could now face new charges

Teen cleared of sex assault charges could now be charged with DUI

SCOTT TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A local teenager and former basketball star recently cleared on rape charges could have new charges filed against him as early as Wednesday.

Channel 11 confirmed that Bridgeville police plan to charge 18-year-old Ross Wilkerson with DUI and underage drinking after they found Wilkerson and a 17-year-old girl in a car at midnight Saturday in McLaughlin Park, which closes at 11 p.m. Police said alcohol was involved.

Wilkerson, a Chartiers Valley High School graduate, was cleared of sex assault charges last week after prosecutors withdrew those charges.

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Wilkerson has been trying to win back a college baseball scholarship.  The standout athlete's scholarship was in jeopardy as he worked to clear his name of high-profile rape accusations by a former classmate.  Those charges were withdrawn by the district attorney’s office last week after the girl said she no longer wanted to pursue the case.

With regard to the alleged incident in Bridgeville, Wilkerson's lawyer also said the 17-year-old girl was there willingly and the car they were in was not Wilkerson's, but someone else's. Furthermore, attorney Michael Santicola said the only way police can bring a charge of DUI is if the car was on, and Santicola said the car was not running.

“It's an unfortunate incident because it was probably something that shouldn't have happened. There's no victims, no ramifications other than the incident itself,” Santicola said.