Officers scramble to find kids posting picture of a gun in Bridgeville on social media

BRIDGEVILLE — Local police are putting out a warning after children were spotted playing with a BB gun, which people in the public believed was a real firearm.

”When you look at this gun, it appears to be a real gun; especially at just a glance,” said Chief Chad King, of the Bridgeville Police Department.

A report was made to police that two children were walking along the Chartiers Bridge with what seemed to be a real gun.

The kids even posted photos on social media, which helped police locate them.

”There was a picture of a juvenile holding what appeared to be a real gun, and was captioned ‘don’t care,’” said King.

The officers didn’t know what to expect when they contacted the teenagers.

”In that type of situation, you have to put yourself in the mindset of the officers. They think they’re going to a call for a juvenile with a firearm. What is THAT person’s mindset?”

When investigators located the kids, they discovered the gun in the photo was actually a BB gun.

”We have seen cases around the country in the past several years where we have had a much worse outcome for similar situations, and it comes down to common sense at the end of the day,” said King.

Chief King shard a very important message for parents: “If you are a parent with kids under the age of 18, make sure they are not walking around town with these or making ridiculous social media posts that could have many different meanings to it.”

The two teenagers are charged with summary offenses for carrying an air rifle.