Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers’ Banner, Tuitt give thousands in donations during holiday season

PITTSBURGH — The Pittsburgh Steelers giving spirit is as visible as ever this holiday season in the city.

Channel 11 talked with Zach Banner and Stephon Tuitt about their charitable efforts.

Tuitt is giving thousands in money and items to: The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, The Holy Family Institute, Crossroads Foundation, Casa San Jose, Women’s Center and Shelter, Children’s Hospital and Macedonia FACE.

Banner recently made a donation to the Tree of Life Synagogue of an entire game check.

Channel 11′s Jenna Harner asked Tuitt why he gives. He said, “There is a need. So for me to have the opportunity to give back and showcase to other people not that a Pittsburgh Steeler is giving back to the community, but a person that understands where these people are coming from.”

Tuitt wanted to make sure that some of his charitable work went to help the youngest in our region. “I think out of anything that we need to pay attention to is the making sure that children have an opportunity during this time period to get the help, and if you’re able to help that’s the most important part,” said Tuitt.

Tuitt was influenced by seeing Steelers like Cam Heyward, Brett Keisel and Ben Roethlisberger doing chariable work. Tuitt said, “You see what they do you see what they bring, and that brings insight to me on how the city rallies around that, and how they rally around the city, and how they feel when they’re able to give back in that manner.”

Zach Banner, in his words, “crashed Hanukkah” by donating a game check to the Tree of Life. In an interview with Jenna Harner, Banner said “I just feel good whenever I have their back and whenever I’m able to support. We make a lot of money in this league and we have a lot of opportunity to change people’s lives and that’s the most important part.”

Banner has also started a scholarship program, to help people and to achieve one of his life long goals.

“To just hear that so many people go through so much debt, it’s the last thing they need to be worried about during the pandemic,” said Banner, “And it’s not just the pandemic. It’s something I’ve been dreaming about my entire life, just changing people’s lives and stepping up to the plate and helping the community as best that I can.”