Steelers expect Heinz Field back at full capacity for next season

PITTSBURGH — There have been no official announcements as of yet, but things are trending in the right direction for fans to return to Heinz Field at full capacity in 2021.

At least that’s the hope for Steelers president Art Rooney II.

In a Steelers Nation Unite phone call with fans Thursday, Rooney said the expectation is that Heinz Field will not only have fans in the seats in 2021 when the team opens its season, but for a full stadium.

“I am kind of optimistic about it,” said Rooney. “It’s still early, it’s only March, so we’ll see how things go. I am optimistic we will have fans. Frankly I am optimistic we will have a full stadium by this fall. Hopefully everybody is out there getting the vaccine and is going to be able to get in crowds and things like that again. Hopefully we are going to be back to pretty close to normal by the fall. Let’s all say our prayers and keep our fingers crossed. But I am optimistic about it at this point.”

The Steelers were limited by Pennsylvania to allow just a handful of fans at their games from October on last season. They finished the season with an average attendance of just 3,969 fans per game, which ranked 15th in the league. There were 13 teams that were not permitted to have fans in attendance at home games in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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