• 'Dateline' inside look: Chilling disappearance of teen leads to shocking discovery


    Get ready for a chilling two-hour “Dateline” with an ending you will have to see to believe.

    The all-new two-hour episode, “The Betrayal of Sarah Stern” is taking viewers on an intense search for a missing teen.

    According to NBC, “The discovery of a nineteen-year-old’s car abandoned on a bridge in New Jersey turns into a missing person case that evolves into a months-long homicide investigation. As the case tears apart a Jersey Shore town, police discover a plot involving money, close friends and a fatal betrayal. Keith Morrison reports on the investigation and the extraordinary undercover video that helped solve the crimes.”

    Check out “Dateline’s” sneak peek below and watch with us tonight at 10 p.m. on Channel 11, followed by Channel 11 News' 11 at 11.

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