• 24 Years Later, Friend Offers Reward In Unsolved Murder Mystery

    PITTSBURGH,None - Carole Kresik's nude body was found bound and gagged in her apartment more than two decades ago, and the killer has never been caught.

    A close friend of Kresik's is now offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

    Kresik, 36, was single and lived alone in an apartment on Ridge Avenue in East Pittsburgh. She was killed December 6, 1986.

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    "I remember it was a very brutal murder and it was something that didn't happen in this community," said East Pittsburgh Police Chief Lori Payne, who grew up in East Pittsburgh and was in the fifth grade when the killing happened.

    Target 11's Rick Earle returned to the scene of the crime with Kresik's close friend, Stephen, who didn't want his last name used because he's putting up reward money.

    "It brings back a lot of sad memories. She was a fine, fine person. If you ever met her, she had a lovely style. I can't imagine any one doing something that evil, and obviously they are still out there," Stephen said.

    Stephen said he met Kresik when they were in their early 20's. He married and moved away, but remained good friends with Kresik.

    Stephen said since her death, he has been on a crusade to catch Kresik's killer. He launched a website that allows people to submit information on the case. He even convinced America's Most Wanted to feature the Kresik case on its website.

    LINK: Help Carole Kresik LINK: America's Most Wanted

    Stephen is now using his own cash to offer a $10,000 reward in the case.

    "My wife and I thought about it and decided that it was a good idea to bring, perhaps, closure. So that's why I'm on this venture to bring justice for Carole," Stephen told Target 11.

    Payne took Earle behind the apartment and showed him the killer's escape route.

    "He came up this path and straight up this hill and into a street in north Braddock and virtually disappeared," said Payne.

    Earle also sat down with Allegheny County Police Assistant Superintendent James Morton, who reviewed the case file with Earle.

    Morton also showed Earle dozens of pages of interviews Investigators have done over the years, along with photographs taken the day of the murder.

    "We've been close a few times. We've talked to two different suspects and we thought we had him. They've done hundreds of interviews over the years," Morton said.

    Morton told Target 11 that the police arrived at the apartment in the early morning hours after a neighbor heard a woman screaming and called 911. Police arrived at the apartment and the killer was still inside. Police broke down the front door, and the killer escaped out a rear window.

    "When they made entry a neighbor called and said that the actor was exiting out the back window. They missed him by minutes," said Morton.

    Kresik's hands were tied and a stocking had been stuffed in her mouth. She had also been sexually assaulted.

    Morton said investigators routinely pull old case files and re-examine them. He is in the process of reviewing the Kresik case now for the third time.

    Morton said the biggest problem facing investigators is the lack of physical evidence. Most of the evidence was destroyed when flood waters backed up through the sewer into the Allegheny County Police lab during the flood of 1996.

    "If we had that evidence today, I believe we could solve a good many of these cold cases," said Morton.

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