• 1-year-old badly injured; Mom, boyfriend charged with assault


    BEAVER COUNTY, Pa. - The mother of a 1-year-old and her live-in boyfriend were arrested and charged with assault Monday after the child suffered multiple broken bones and a skull fracture, Channel 11's Amy Marcinkiewicz reported.

    According to the criminal complaint, Amanda Riley, of Rochester Borough in Beaver County, said her son fell out of a stroller and she didn't think the injuries were that bad.

    Heartbreaking pictures of the child seem to tell another story. The baby had broken arms, broken legs, broken ribs, a fractured skull and severe bruising. Police said the child was left in that condition for three weeks. Nobody, according to authorities, sought medical attention.

    The child was finally taken to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh last week.

    Despite her story, Riley and her boyfriend, Nick Hrvoich, were charged with assault. Hrvoich's mother, Kim Hrvoich, was one of two people charged with endangerment for not reporting the alleged abuse. The child's father, Christian Evans, was the other person charged with endangerment for not taking action.

    Marcinkiewicz was there on Monday as the parents were taken into custody. Riley had nothing to say when questioned by Channel 11 News. When Evans was questioned, he spit in Marcinkiewicz's direction.

    Rochester Borough Police Chief Frank Mercier said that it was medically impossible for the child's injuries to have occurred in the manner explained by Riley.

    "As a father, I cannot believe that the mom, the dad even the boyfriend who is also charged in this, wouldn't have sought some type of medical attention," said Mercier.

    The child, who has a blood disease, remains at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. As of early Monday evening, he was in stable condition.

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