Jeopardy holding regional auditions in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH — The clue: A city in Pennsylvania where Jeopardy is holding one of its regional auditions this summer.

The answer: What is Pittsburgh?

That’s right! Someone from our area could be the next Jeopardy champion!

The popular game show is holding auditions here in August. We’ve been asked to keep the time and place a secret, for now.


Prospective contestants had to pass a 50-clue online test in order to advance to the next round of auditions, according a release by the show’s producers.

During regional auditions, they’ll face another 50-clue test, practice game play and go through a brief interview.

Channel 11 will be there on audition day to bring you all the action.

Jeopardy airs on WPXI-TV weekdays at 7 p.m.