• Pa. Turnpike CEO orders review of contracts

    HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) (AP)ong> - The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission's new chief executive officer said he is directing a review of every professional services contract that was cited in a grand jury report that alleged a long-running "pay to play" scheme at the agency.

    The CEO, Mark Compton, said Monday that the grand jury report was alarming and he wants to make sure the agency's contracts were awarded appropriately.

    The review will be conducted by the agency's compliance officer.

    He said employees and professional services contractors will be encouraged to contact the compliance officer about inappropriate conduct.

    Compton and other turnpike officials also stress that the agency has improved its contracting procedures in the past two years and that the grand jury cited the actions of a few, not the vast majority of turnpike commission employees.


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    Pa. Turnpike CEO orders review of contracts

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