Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Green Tree boy grows colossal cabbage

Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Green Tree boy grows colossal cabbage

GREEN TREE, Pa. — A Green Tree boy is making us Proud to be From Pittsburgh. He won a state contest for growing the largest cabbage.

Alex Ruble, 8, beat out 30,745 kids this past summer with this colossal cabbage.

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On Friday, officials from Bonnie Plants presented Alex with a $1,000 savings bond along with a T-shirt and book. Bonnie Plants is the largest producer of vegetables and herb plants in North America and runs the 3rd Grade Cabbage program.

The program's goal is to engage children in agriculture and teach them the basics of gardening.

Alex grew the 15-pound cabbage in his backyard in Greentree. He said they had made a cage for his cabbage and garden because of the animals.

"We used deer net and white pipes," said Alex Ruble. "Once we had an animal bash into (the cage) and it was torn, we had to make a new one."

Alex's mother, Katie, and father, Aric, helped him with growing the cabbage.

"We did not expect a little suburban kid to win a farming contest," said Katie Ruble.

Alex said his family harvested the cabbage in the fall and cooked it up.

"I made sauerkraut, I also made some cabbage stew," said Alex.

Katie Ruble said they usually try to grow peppers in their backyard but never expected the cabbage to get this big.

"When we pulled the outer leaves away, the cabbage was still dense and probably as big as a basketball," said Katie.

Katie adds it weighed eight pounds after the outer leaves were pulled.

It's the second straight year the cabbage contest winner came from our area.

If you are a third-grade teacher interested in having your classroom participate in program, learn more here.

For a look at the 2018 winner, click here.

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