Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Magee nurse crochets baby outfits

PITTSBURGH — Nurses are some of our healthcare heroes for all they do while on the clock and off the clock.

One of them at UPMC Magee Women’s Hospital is leaving a picture perfect impression on moms and their new babies through her handiwork.

You’ve probably seen some of the cute pictures of newborns dressed in adorable outfits. UPMC Magee is known for finding an occasion to celebrate with hand crocheted hats and sweaters.

RN Caitlin Pechin is the one behind them. She’s a mother-baby nurse at Magee and she’s done so many of them she’s lost count!

“My favorites have been the hockey outfits, the pickles, the Mister Rogers outfits,” said Pechin.

You’ll notice all of her favorites have to do with the Steel City. This born and bred Pittsburgher worked at the gift shop at Magee for several years before deciding she wanted to be a nurse there. And it was from one of her gift shop co workers that she learned to crochet.

“Usually it is just something that therapeutic. Or I’m just sitting there, watching TV, barley noticing that I’m doing it,” said Pechin. “But it’s just nice when I’m done. It’s an accomplishment.”

It takes two to three hours to make just one outfit, and Caitlin has done up to 10 of them for one photoshoot! And she does it all on her own time.

“She has been a tremendous partner with us as a team,” said Heather Ambrose, Director of Nursing UPMC Magee Women’s Hospital. “She is actually the one who goes in there and dresses every baby.”

“Which is probably the best part of it because I get to see how happy they are and that makes me really happy,” said Pechin.

Their most recent spring chicks came together in only a month and there’s no telling what creative clothing Caitlin will crochet next.

“I love my job,” Pechin said. “I could probably stay here until I retire, so if they’ll just let me keep making things, I’ll keep doing it.”