Target 11 finds out why driver at center of crash shouldn’t have been on the road in the first place

FINLEYVILLE, Pa. — Police say it could have been much worse after a driver lost control of his car and landed in a restaurant parking lot. The dramatic scene was all captured on surveillance video.

The car goes airborne over a creek, crashes through a business sign and lands in the parking lot of a restaurant on Route 88 in Finleyville Wednesday night.

“I’m just lucky one of my workers wasn’t there. We have property on both sides of the road so at any time that could have been my son-in-law, my husband or me,” owner Michelle Dupree said.

Police said the driver, 46-year-old William Weis, told them he swerved to avoid hitting a deer, but investigators aren’t buying that. They said he was driving too fast and failed to make a bend in the road.

Weis passed a field sobriety test, police said, but he shouldn’t have been behind the wheel in the first place. His license had been suspended for DUI. In October, he was charged by the Bethel Park Police Department for allegedly selling heroin that led to a non-fatal overdose.

“The guy goes, ‘Did I really do that?’ He acted as if he didn’t know he just drove through a sign,” Dupree said.

Monongahela Police told 11 Investigates Weis is now facing charges in connection with the crash.

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