Beaver County store manager expects gun sales to continue rising after Biden announcement

ROCHESTER, Pa. — Gun sales have gone through the roof over the last year as the pandemic coincided with nationwide protests. Bryon Barker, the manager of John Brown’s Armory, expects sales to keep rising.

“Everyone wants a gun. Everyone wants to protect themselves. People are scared they will take them away,” Barker said. “Anytime there is talk of gun control in the news, there is a major increase.”

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Barker said it’s been hard to keep inventory on the store shelves. He said things like small revolvers and home defense shotguns are in short supply and prices have skyrocketed.

“A gun that used to be $300 probably costs about $900 so triple in price,” Barker said.

There’s also a massive shortage of ammunition. Barker said the store had to import some ammo for the first time ever.

“We imported two pallets of 9mm from Bosnia. It took us a month to get it. That’s unusual for us,” he said. “For a mom and pop shop to do, very unusual.”

Barker said if you are looking to purchase a firearm, your best bet is to just be patient and don’t be too picky.