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Lawyer: Ford was 'intimidated, threatened, terrorized and ultimately paralyzed'

PITTSBURGH — Leon Ford left the Federal Court House downtown not saying a word to our cameras.

He left the court after the jury in his civil rights case against two Pittsburgh police officers left for the day with no decision.

Closing arguments in federal court began Tuesday to determine whether the civil rights of 24-year-old Ford were violated during a traffic stop five years ago.

Jurors were handed the case shortly after 12:45 p.m. Tuesday, but came to no verdict during that afternoon.


Ford is suing Pittsburgh police officers David Derbish and Anthony Miller for liability for injuries he suffered during a traffic stop five years ago, when he was shot multiple times.

An officer misidentified Ford for another man wanted by police.

The attorney for the officers told jurors Derbish feared for his life when Ford drove away with Derbish partially in the car.

During closing arguments, Ford's attorney told the jury his client's civil rights were violated during that traffic stop, saying Ford was “intimidated, threatened, terrorized and ultimately paralyzed.”

Jurors will pick back up deliberations at 8:15 a.m. Wednesday.