New traffic circles in Pittsburgh neighborhoods get mixed reactions

HIGHLAND PARK, Pa. — A handful of traffic circles have popped up places like Pittsburgh’s Highland Park neighborhood to slow down drivers. Some in the area say the streets are too narrow and the new pattern will cause an accident. Others are in favor, saying walking and biking in those areas is now much safer.

“In other cities, they’ve done a very good job at slowing down traffic and making the neighborhood safer for pedestrians, for families and for people who walk their dogs. So I think they’re really a good idea,” said Madeline Barber.

Pittsburgh’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure hopes the traffic circles on Euclid Avenue will make things safer. Department officials said they worked with the fire department, EMS providers, the Port Authority and Pittsburgh Public Schools in creating the new circles.

Within a few minutes of staking out the scene, Channel 11′s Joe Arena witnessed a handful of bicyclists and drivers blow through without stopping.