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HazMat responds after tractor-trailer catches fire in Lawrenceville

PITTSBURGH — A tractor-trailer caught fire Friday afternoon in Pittsburgh, sending thick smoke billowing into the air.

It happened around 1:30 p.m. at a building on 35th Street in the city’s Lawrenceville neighborhood.

PHOTOS: Tractor-Trailer catches fire in Lawrenceville

Employees told Channel 11 that they were on their lunch break when they heard a loud bang and saw the rig on fire.

They rushed inside to get the rest of their co-workers outside safely.

The fire started when the tractor-trailer made contact with a utility pole. That caused the pole to break, landing the wires onto the trailer, Pittsburgh police said.

The driver was able to escape the truck on his own.

The building next to the truck was slightly damaged by the flames.

Pittsburgh’s HazMat Response Team helped contain leaking diesel fuel.

There were no injuries.