Westmoreland County scrambling to correct mail-in ballot issues

GREENSBURG, Pa. — Westmoreland County is scrambling to get corrected mail-in ballots sent out to 189 voters in the county.

County leaders told Channel 11 the candidates in the race for magisterial district court were completely left off the ballot in error.

“Every candidate is very nervous and I understand but we are doing everything we can to fix it and this isn’t something that we discovered the night before the election. It is a whole week so we have time to correct the problem,” explained Westmoreland County Commissioner, Gina Cerilli Trasher.

Approximately 189 ballots need to be replaced just one week out from the primary election. The Candidates for the district judge seat Rebecca Salandro and Tamara Mahady say it’s concerning, but they’re putting trust in the county and elections bureau.

“I do appreciate all of the efforts the county has gone to make sure that everyone gets their ballot and everyone still has their right to vote. It is concerning just due to the time frame and things that are out of everyone else’s control,” Mahady explained.

Only two completed mail-in ballots have been returned to the county so far, but the county is overnighting corrected ballots to those 189 voters tonight. They’ll be hitting mailboxes on Wednesday.

A secure drop box will also be added to Mammoth Park over the weekend. Candidates and county leaders are hoping the hiccup doesn’t cause confusion or distrust with the integrity of the election.

There will also be a secure mail-in drop box at the courthouse. The Mammoth Park box will be added for selective hours both on Saturday and Sunday.