Deidre Hall, Eric Martsolf reflect on ‘Days of Our Lives’ 55th anniversary

'Days of Our Lives' 55th anniversary peek with Deidre Hall, Eric Martsolf

“Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.” Even if you don’t watch it, you know the iconic line is from NBC’s longest-running drama series, “Days of Our Lives.”

We sat down with the legend herself, Deidre Hall, and Eric Martsolf to talk about not just the show’s 55th anniversary, but its first-of-a-kind virtual fan event, 14,000 episodes, favorite moments and their decision to not include the coronavirus pandemic in new episodes.

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“Days of Our Lives” first aired Nov. 8, 1965, starting as a 30-minute series, then expanded to an hourlong series 10 years later.

Hall has been on the show since 1976, part of the beloved John and Marlena super couple. Martsolf has been on “Days of our Lives” since 2008 and plays Marlena and John’s son Brady Black.

The show is celebrating its 55th anniversary with a first-of-its-kind virtual fan event on Nov. 21. Anyone with access to the internet can join in the fun, completely free event as the show continues connecting with fans in a new way. The event will include Q&A cast sessions, quizzes and trivia challenges, a virtual behind-the-scenes set tour, “at-home” content with cast members (Hall shows fans how she’s been spending her time during quarantine with watercoloring; Martsolf does a Q&A panel answering fan question with fellow co-stars), and much more.