• 911 dispatcher aids couple in baby delivery


    PITTSBURGH - A couple on their way to the hospital experienced a unique childbirth with a little roadside assistance.

    After dropping off their other children, Dave and Penny Dunmire were on their way to the hospital when Penny Dunmire’s water broke.


    “I was kind of scared but it was all adrenaline,” Dave Dunmire said. “I didn’t want to do it, but I had to do it.”

    He didn’t do it alone, however. He got some help from an Armstrong County 911 dispatcher who talked him through the entire delivery.

    “I pushed three times and out came the baby,” Penny Dunmire said.

    Dave Dunmire admitted to feeling a little nervous but was glad the dispatcher took him through it.

    “It probably only took five minutes, but it seemed like forever,” Dave Dunmire said.

    Brandon Harriger, the dispatcher who helped with the delivery, said this was the second time he’s helped deliver a baby. 

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