• American Eagle Sparks Controversy With Underwear Ad Campaign

    PITTSBURGH,None - A local company created a clothing controversy after some say it marketed sexy underwear to girls as young as 15.

    American Eagle recently published an advertisement for its "Double Whoa" bra that's supposed to add two cup sizes in Seventeen Magazine.

    The marketing campaign raised some eyebrows after some parents said the target audience for the magazine is teens around 15 years old. Some are now wondering if girls are being rushed into feeling sexy at a young age.

    Brittney Samolovitch, 12, said some girls at her school feel like they need to be sexy.

    "Half of them just pretend they have bigger boobs than anyone else," Samolovitch said.

    Samolovitch's mother said girls just want to look pretty, and she thinks it's a matter of self esteem. Many parents Channel 11 News spoke to said it's up to the parents to decide what their child should wear.

    "I don't think that it's being marketed to teenagers because I go to Duquesne, and I know that a lot of my friends shop there," said college student Sydney Shoff.

    An American Eagle spokeswoman said the Aerie line targets young women in their 20s and the model in the ad campaign is 25-years-old.

    "I don't think they're pushing sexuality on young kids any more than anything in the media is," said Pitt student Elena Henry.

    In a statement released to Channel 11 News on Thursday, a spokeswoman from American Eagle said, "Aerie strives to develop compelling marketing campaigns that engage customers and convey the spirit of the brand. Further, we value our customers' opinions and appreciate all feedback. There has also been a great deal of positive input about this campaign regarding its light-hearted spirit, the beauty of the model and the apparel itself. Our customers continue to be excited about Aerie as a fun, inspiring and confident brand that complements her lifestyle."

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