Data center planned near Beaver Valley nuclear station

SHIPPINGPORT, Pa. — The owners of the Beaver Valley nuclear power station has signed an agreement with a blockchain company to build a data center next to the Shippingport facility that would be powered by Beaver Valley’s nuclear energy.

The memorandum of understanding between Energy Harbor and Standard Power includes a 10-year agreement to purchase between 200 megawatts and 300 megawatts of nuclear power from a direct connection to Beaver Valley in Shippingport beginning in 2023. There’s a potential for up to 900 megawatts of power to the Standard Power data center in later phases.

The first phase of the arrangement between Energy Harbor and Standard Power will involve engineering and implementing of the data center, which will be carbon free. Energy Harbor has already worked with Standard Power on a data center in Conshocton, Ohio, that will use nuclear power from another Energy Harbor facility, Davis-Besse. Energy Harbor is aiming to create what it calls clean energy centers around its nuclear plants, including Beaver County, that will be a place for economic growth.

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