RE2 receives $9.5M contract from U.S. Navy for underwater robotic arm system

PITTSBURGH — The U.S. Navy’s Office of Naval Research has awarded RE2 Robotics a $9.5 million defense contract to enhance the development of RE2′s Maritime Mine Neutralization System (M2NS), an autonomous underwater robotic arm and computer system capable of disabling mines or other improvised explosive devices found in deep seas or oceans.

The Pittsburgh-based company said the contract marked the largest deal in its 20-year history.

With M2NS, RE2 combines its advanced computer vision and autonomy software, RE2 Detect and RE2 Intellect, respectively, to identify and neutralize a possible explosive target with its Sapien Sea Class robotic arms.

“It’s a new enabling capability that (the Navy) hasn’t had before,” RE2 CEO Jorgen Pedersen said. “Do they have the ability to maneuver and do some rudimentary operations? Yes. But now it’s like having a human diver anywhere you want it, anywhere in the ocean, not only shallow waters, but deep waters. Having that human-like capability, that dexterity and strength and power efficiency all in one package allows you to perform really complex tasks anywhere the Navy needs it.”

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