• 'Dark Knight Rises' Blog: That's A Wrap! Crews Film Final Pittsburgh Scene

    By: By: Jessica Fera , WPXI.com

    PITTSBURGH,None - Filming of "The Dark Knight Rises," the highly-anticipated third installment of the "Batman" series directed and co-written by Christopher Nolan, has finished shooting in Pittsburgh.

    The Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures feature film is one of the biggest movies to ever film in the Steel City and generated more buzz than even Taylor Lautner could.

    Monday, Aug. 22

    9:23 a.m. - Producers of the Batman sequel "The Dark Knight Rises" have paid to replace about two dozen leafy trees removed from the streets of Pittsburgh so scenes shot earlier this month would look like they occurred in the dead of winter.

    One Pittsburgh newspaper reported Monday that producers paid "tens of thousands of dollars" to remove the trees and donate $20,000 to the nonprofit preservation group Tree Pittsburgh.

    Lisa Ceoffe, the city's urban forester, said the producers originally asked permission to pluck leaves from the trees, which the forester said could have damaged them in midsummer.

    Instead, the city allowed the producers to remove more than 20 trees that were damaged, diseased or had grown big enough to hinder pedestrians or become a hazard near some intersections.

    eplacements will be planted in the fall.

    8 a.m. - The latest Batman sequel has wrapped shooting in Pittsburgh.

    Sunday was the last day of filming as the Steel City stood in for Gotham City for the filming of "The Dark Knight Rises."

    In the 18 days of filming, moviemakers made it snow in mid-August and dug a hole in a downtown street to stage a massive explosion.

    Thousands of local residents and about a dozen members of the Steelers were also recruited for a scene shot at Heinz Field.

    The filming also gave Pittsburghers glimpses at the stars and props that will be on display for the movie's planned opening next July.

    The film stars Christian Bale as the caped crusader and his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, along with Gary Oldman and Anne Hathaway.

    The film's producers weren't able to take advantage of the Pennsylvania Film Tax Credit because the majority of the filming was not done in Pittsburgh.

    Production now moves to New York and Los Angeles.

    Thursday, Aug. 18 (Downtown)

    Today is the day of the big explosion scene along Cherry Way downtown. Crews have been preparing for this shot since Aug. 6 when a local construction company began digging a 16 foot wide, 18 foot long and five foot deep hole.

    The hole was disguised with cement-colored boards of some sort before filming began this morning.

    The first loud boom could be heard at around 9:30 a.m. The blast even set off the car alarms of vehicles parked nearby. You can hear it in this video:

    Raw Video: Giant Hole Swallows Tumbler During 'Batman' Filming

    When the dust and debris settled you could see that the hole had swallowed up one of the camo Tumblers.

    Channel 11 viewers emailed us some great cell phone video of the actual explosion. Check it out here:

    Viewer Video: 'Dark Knight Rises' Tumbler Blown Up In Pittsburgh Street

    A large crane was then used to pull the Tumbler from the hole. Expect to hear jokes about not even the Tumblers being able to survive Pittsburgh's potholes coming soon to your water cooler.

    The road closures surrounding this location are in effect until 5 a.m. Friday and are expected to cause traffic problems throughout the day. You can find the full list of roads to avoid just below this post.

    It's not clear whether Christian Bale or Tom Hardy will be included in the scenes filmed today, but we know that Anne Hathaway is definitely not in Pittsburgh.

    Hathaway, who of course plays "Selina Kyle/Catwoman" in "The Dark Knight Rises" made her rounds with the network morning shows to promote her movie "One Day." The romantic drama will open in theaters tomorrow.

    Hathaway remained tight-lipped about her current "Batman" project, telling "The Today Show's" Matt Lauer she is under a "Chris Nolan omertà," or code of silence.

    When asked about her version of "Catwoman" Hathaway replied, "Chris Nolan has directed two 'Batman movies,' and my version of Selina Kyle fits into Chris Nolan's Gotham City. That's about as specific as I can get."

    Video: Anne Hathaway Talks 'Dark Knight' On 'Today Show'

    On "Live With Regis & Kelly" Hathaway said she is enjoying filming a movie in Pittsburgh for the second time.

    "I love it. It's a really down to earth place. The people there couldn't be friendlier, and they've just been so excited that we've been there."

    She went on to reference the MINI Cooper dealership along Baum Boulevard that has changed the sign out front to read "MINI of Gotham City."

    As you fight your way through Gotham City traffic today, feel comfort in knowing that production will end in Pittsburgh on Saturday.

    If you're a commuter who uses public transit, check out this Port Authority page that lists some helpful route changes.


    Smithfield/3rd Ave/Wood/4th Ave: Wednesday, August 17 & Thursday August 18 (Downtown)

    All closures will occur from 10 p.m. on Tuesday August 16 through 5 a.m. on Friday August 19

    Smithfield from Boulevard of the Allies to Forbes

    3rd Ave from Cherry Way to Market (local access to parking garages only)

    4th Ave from Cherry Way to Market (local access to parking garages only)

    Wood from Boulevard of the Allies to Forbes


    Strawberry Way/7th Ave/William Penn Place Filming: Saturday, August 20 (Downtown)

    Strawberry Way will be closed from Coffee Way to Smithfield from 7 a.m. on Friday August 19 through 10 p.m. on Sunday August 21.

    The following roads will be closed from 11 p.m. on Friday August 19 through 7 a.m. on Sunday August 21.

    Strawberry Way will be closed from Smithfield to Grant

    William Penn Place from 6th Ave to Liberty

    7th Ave from Grant to Liberty

    Smithfield from 6th Ave to Liberty

    Montour Way from 6th Ave to 7th Ave

    Wednesday, Aug. 17 (South Side)

    There wasn't much for on-lookers to see today as filming took place inside the old cement plant on the South Side, but you could hear several gunshots fired outside the plant at one point.

    If you're not familiar with the Frank and Bryan Cement Plant, it's located along East Carson Street, not far from Station Square, at Bingham Street and McKean Street.

    In the movie, it will be called the Broucet Cement Company.

    Pittsburgh isn't the only local city taking in Hollywood. In nearby Cleveland, filming has begun on 'The Avengers.' In one scene, a cab exploded, rocking the city and frightening those who watched. Watch the footage below.

    VIDEO: Explosion Rocks Cleveland On 'The Avengers' Set

    Filming for "The Dark Knight Rises" will move back downtown tomorrow for our very own explosion scene along Cherry Way.

    Monday, Aug. 15 & Tuesday, Aug. 16

    Last night, my husband insisted that we watch "Batman Begins," the first movie in Christopher Nolan's "Batman" trilogy, and I was reminded of the magnitude of post-production work and special effects magic that will be put into "The Dark Knight Rises."

    This morning, we learned from our partners at The Tribune-Review of a giant hole that has been dug along Cherry Way downtown for part of an explosion scene that will shoot on Thursday.

    Frank J. Zottola Construction starting working on Aug. 6 to dig the hole that is 16 feet wide, 18 feet long and five feet deep. Now, while that is a gaping whole, even bigger than most of our city's potholes, I can only imagine how gigantic it will look in the movie.

    Credit: The Tribune Review BatmanHole001 BatmanHole001

    Chain link fence, cement barriers and orange cones surrounded the hole on Monday, and a security guard watched over it from a chair on the sidewalk. A blue tarp covered it from view.

    Zottola said he was told the hole will be used for a scene involving a Batman vehicle and pyrotechnics.

    On Thursday, the Cherry Way Primanti Bros. will close for filming, but filmmakers will compensate the restaurant for the closure, said Amy Smith, marketing coordinator with Primanti Bros.

    For those of you concerned that the videos and pictures you've been seeing from "The Dark Knight Rises" sets will spoil the movie for you, I recommend watching "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight." Even though we're seeing some of the shots first hand, I can guarantee that Mr. Nolan has some big surprises in store for the big screen.

    Saturday, Aug. 13 & Sunday, Aug. 14 (Smithfield Street)

    "The Dark Knight Rises" crew moved from the Wabash Tunnel to Smithfield Street for filming over the weekend. Most of the scenes on Saturday and Sunday centered around a chase involving the Batwing, Catwoman riding the Batpod, the camo Tumblers and the large tanker-type vehicle that I think is carrying some type of bomb.

    A helicopter fitted with an IMAX camera hovered overhead as the shot was filmed from both the air and the ground.

    Raw Video: Catwoman Rides Batpod Down Smithfield Street In Pittsburgh

    These vehicles filmed many takes driving up and down Smithfield Street and the snowflakes were flying once again. Maybe the operator of the Batwing had a flake stuck in his eye when he went off course and hit a large street lamp on Saturday? The crash damaged the right side of the craft and director Christopher Nolan reportedly only has one to work with. The crew was able to repair the Batwing and filming continued without any other incidents. No one was hurt.

    Spotted on the set on Saturday was actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt ("Detective John Blake") filming a short scene in which it appears he's accessing a drop box or maybe an ATM? Other than Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway and Gordon-Levitt, we haven't seen any of the other actors on set in Pittsburgh.

    'Dark Knight Rises' Weekend Recap: Batwing, Tumblers, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    As usual, the cast and crew will be off on Monday and Tuesday and will resume filming downtown on Wednesday. It's hard to believe that it's almost a wrap in Pittsburgh. The last day of filming is set for Aug. 20.

    Friday, Aug. 12 (Wabash Tunnel)

    As was rumored, "The Dark Knight Rises" crew filmed at the Wabash Tunnel yesterday and it's reported they'll return there today and also shoot some scenes at the Steel Plaza subway station.

    Pittsburgher Ross Petrocelli, (@rpetrocelli on Twitter), snapped some great photos of the action on Thursday, which included Anne Hathaway's Catwoman stunt double and a crazy new vehicle that appears to have wings.

    Photos: Catwoman, New Batman Vehicle Spotted At Wabash Tunnel

    You can see Catwoman riding up the ramp to the tunnel on the same motorcycle/bike we saw on set at the Mellon Institute.

    The new vehicle looks like a cross between the Batmobile and a hovercraft and according to Batman-News.com, it could be called the Batwing.

    WPXI's own Rob Johnston, aka Rob On The Run, spotted the Batwing downtown on Friday as crews were moving it onto a hydraulic lift near the City-County Building.

    Raw Video: Crew Tests Batwing In Parking Lot

    Raw Video: Batwing 'Flies' Over Pittsburgh Street

    Another Twitter friend just posted some incredible video of the Batwing "flying" into the Wabash Tunnel. Check it out below. (You can skip the ad by clicking "skip ad" in the bottom right corner)

    Like the lady says in the video, it's "cool, cool, cool, cool!"

    Thursday, Aug. 11 (Wabash Tunnel)

    While I'm not sure of the exact filming location for "The Dark Knight Rises" today, I did just post some pretty cool video from yesterday.

    Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt was spotted on snowy Oliver Avenue and he was carrying what appeared to be a gas can. Gordon-Levitt plays "John Blake," a new detective who joins Commissioner Gordon's squad, according to IMDB.

    Raw Video: Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, New Vehicles On 'Dark Knight Rises' Set

    Also spotted downtown on Wednesday were some new vehicles, including a Gotham police car, a tanker and a school bus.

    The road closures for this area ended at 5 a.m. this morning, and I've heard rumors that filming will happen inside the Wabash Tunnel and possibly inside Trinity Cathedral today. Those locations are not confirmed.

    The next set of closures go into effect at 6 p.m. tonight in the area of Cherry Way.

    Wednesday, Aug. 10 (Downtown)

    It's snowing in downtown Pittsburgh today thanks to "The Dark Knight Rises" crew!

    Early this morning, large hoses were used to spray the magic snow along Oliver Avenue. The area is closed off to vehicular traffic (see street closures below) but some pedestrians were allowed to walk through before filming began.

    Raw Video: Pittsburgh Street Covered With Snow For 'Dark Knight Rises'

    It was funny to see people walking through the "snow" in sandals and skirts on this warm summer day in Pittsburgh. One on-looker even scooped up a handful of the white stuff.

    "It just feels rubbery sort of. It's not cold," Joycie Kellem told us. "I hate winter and real snow so I'd rather have that!"

    We spotted one of the camo Tumblers parked on Oliver Avenue, along with a few other prop cars.

    The road closures currently in effect will last until 5 a.m. Thursday. Filming will stay downtown but will then move to Cherry Way.

    Monday, Aug. 8 & Tuesday, Aug. 9

    While the cast and crew take a couple days off, enjoy this video shot on Friday of the catwoman stunt double crushing an uber-expensive IMAX camera on the set in Oakland.

    Video From TMZ: 'Batman' Stunt Gone Wrong

    To me, it seems like it's happening in slow motion and I want to yell to the camera man, "Move, move!" but I'm sure it didn't seem that easy at the time.

    We've heard there are only a handful of these cameras in the world, so fixing it or replacing it will be no small bill, but with a reported $250 million budget Nolan shouldn't be sweating it too much.

    The road closures for the first of the locations in downtown Pittsburgh are officially in place. You can read more below about the specifics.

    On Wednesday, the Franktuary was paid to close for the day because the movie will be shooting in front of its location at the Trinity Cathedral along Oliver Avenue.

    We found this out as we tried to order hot dogs for our company cookout and finally accepted that Batman really is taking over Pittsburgh!

    Sunday, Aug. 7 (Heinz Field)

    Filming continued for the second and final day inside of Heinz Field on Sunday, with the main scene focusing on the explosion of one of the stadium's suites.

    While more than 10,000 extras were used on Saturday, only around 700 were asked to return for Sunday's shoot. Most were dressed as fans, while some played the role of photographers, food and beverage vendors or business people. Some even got to do work in front of a green screen. The only prop the extras were allowed to take home, and not everyone got one, was one of the Gotham Rogues bandannas. Wonder what the film will do with the rest of the cool gear?

    Several IMAX cameras were used to film the destruction of suite, which presumably held the mayor of Gotham City, or another important Gotham official. We'll have to wait to see the movie to know if he was able to escape safely. Stunt men and women, along with a small group of extras, were also part of the fiery shot.

    Bane and his mercenaries also returned on Sunday and more shots were filmed as Bane made his entrance onto the field after the explosion.

    "Gotham, take control. Take control of your city," Bane says.

    Noticeably absent from both days of filming at Heinz Field was the star of the show, Batman. If I had to guess, though, I'd say Bane won't go unpunished for this assault against Gotham City.

    Saturday, Aug. 6 (Heinz Field)

    Thousands of fans wearing black and gold filled Heinz Field, and many Steelers players even took to the field, but don't be fooled, this wasn't your typical game day.

    As promised, the first of two days of filming for "The Dark Knight Rises" inside Heinz Field was full of surprises, and I'm about to fill you in on a few of them.

    The 10,000+ fans were given some pretty cool Gotham Rogues gear as they arrived at staggered times between 4:30 and 7:30 a.m., but unfortunately for them, it all had to be returned at the end of their 15 hour day. Remember, it's winter, so many had to bundle up in Rogues knit hats, scarves and gloves, while others waved bandannas, not Terrible Towels, as they munched on prop popcorn and nachos.

    Photos: Fans Cheer On Gotham Rogues At Heinz Field

    Scenes filmed Saturday included the singing of the National Anthem, a kick return by Hines Ward (more on that in a minute) and of course the big on-field explosion.

    Players including Ward, who even had his own stunt double, Ben Roethlisberger and Troy Polamalu suited up for the Rogues team, with Bill Cowher as head coach and Kevin Colbert (Steelers' Director of Football Operations) as assistant coach.

    While Cowher's appearance drew cheers from crowd, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, dusting off his college football skills, was booed as he sported the jersey of rival team The Rapid City Monuments. All of the players' jerseys were printed with their real last names and NFL numbers.

    Ravenstahl punted to Ward, who returned the kick, but never quite made it into the end zone due to a large explosion. Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd type.

    While the explosion scene was rehearsed many times, it was filmed only once, with an impressive IMAX camera.

    Batman was not part of the mayhem on Saturday, but villain Bane rolled in with his gang of mercenaries and the three camo Tumblers we've been seeing around town.

    Friday, Aug. 5 (Oakland)

    Today is set to be the last day of filming for "The Dark Knight Rises" in Oakland. The shots are expected to be mostly interior at The Mellon Institute, but we're still keeping our eyes peeled.

    This afternoon, we got our first look inside the next filming location, Heinz Field, thanks to Chopper 11. NFL players have complained about the quality of the Steelers' home turf before, but what we saw today takes "bad conditions" to a whole new level! The "destruction," however, appears to be layered on top of the permanent field. It stretches from around the 50 yard line into the end zone facing the river. One can only guess what Christopher Nolan has planned in the script to cause the field to crumble. The thousands of extras in the stands when the scene films this weekend should get a pretty cool first-hand look.

    Raw Video: Heinz Field Torn Up For Next 'Dark Knight Rises' Scene

    Other changes to the field include "Gotham Rogues" painted in the end zones in black and gold, and a "Rogues" logo at center field.

    Many fans have been wondering just who these football players will be, if they will be actual NFL players or actors, and today we learned some exciting new developments. Three of the players to be featured are Ben Roethlisberger, LaMarr Woodley and James Farrior. We're guessing they'll suit up as part of the Rogues team, but who knows, maybe some of them will want to play the bad guys. You can read more here.

    Last night, the first official photo was released of actress Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman on thedarkknightrises.com. She's pictured on the Batpod wearing bright red lipstick and some futuristic looking goggles (there's probably a more official name for those).

    Photos: Hathaway As Catwoman, Heinz Field Set

    Thursday, Aug. 4 (Oakland)

    More fight scenes in Oakland today, and in the early afternoon it appeared the crew was setting up for some type of stunt or possibly another explosion. So have you been wondering if the "Dark Knight" cast and crew is checking out all of the great video and photos we're posting online? I know I have, and today we got an interesting answer. The rumor is that the crew checks the Internet every night for new content from the set. Some are excited and send it to friends and family members out of town to show what they are working on, but others who aren't so pleased are using it to try and limit camera access and block the photographers' vantage points.

    Wednesday, Aug. 3 (Oakland)

    The fight scenes returned on Wednesday on the steps of Gotham City Hall, AKA the Mellon Institute. Our WPXI photographers captured some of the most exciting fight scenes we've seen so far. Batman and Bane exchanged blows at the center of a massive brawl between police and bad guys as snowflakes flew around them. We saw two Batmans at one point, which sort of felt like seeing two Santa Clauses, and spotted an unmasked Bane that was not actor Tom Hardy. It was hard to tell which takes included the actors as opposed to their stunt doubles.

    Raw Video: Batman, Bane Fight In New 'Dark Knight Rises' Scene Raw Video: 'Dark Knight Rises' Fight Scene In Oakland

    The "bad guys" I've been mentioning are not the same as the escaped prisoners we saw over the weekend. The casting agencies had referred to them as "thugs" and they're all carrying some sort of large weapon. The guns look real from the distance, but those who've seen them close up have said they appear to be rubber.

    Director Christopher Nolan was also spotted in the mix, looking professional as usual in a sport coat and khaki pants.

    Actress Marion Cotillard was briefly spotted on the set Wednesday. We still haven't seen actors Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, or any of the other cast members. Actress Anne Hathaway ("Selina Kyle/Catwoman") was spotted in Oakland over the weekend but was not captured by any of our cameras. Filming will resume in Oakland tomorrow.

    Monday, Aug. 1 & Tuesday, Aug. 2

    While the cast and crew take a break for two days, take a look back at what you missed from the action-packed first weekend of filming in Pittsburgh.

    I put together a "Batman Weekend Recap" video: Watch It Here

    Sunday, July 31 (Oakland)

    The focus was back on Gotham City Hall (the Mellon Institute) today. We saw more fight scenes with Bane, but most notably, we got our first look at Batman himself.

    What I want to know is, how many stand-ins and stunt doubles are there for Christian Bale? We saw some amazing, close up photos from eyeprime.net but it's hard to tell, at least for me, if it's really Bale or if it's a double. Please give me your feedback in the comment section below.

    Large snow machines were brought in on this hot summer day to create a winter wonderland effect and Batman and Bane exchanged blows on the steps of the building as the flakes flew.

    Today is the last day of filming for the weekend. The cast and crew will take a break on Monday and Tuesday and will return to finish up scenes in Oakland on Wednesday and Thursday before production moves to Heinz Field and then downtown.

    Saturday, July 30 (Oakland)

    Today marked the first day of filming in Oakland and it was a full of action.

    Filming focused on the Mellon Institute, which is labeled as Gotham City Hall for the movie. The day started with a prison break scene. Lots of extras wore bright orange "Gotham D.O.C." jumpsuits and there was even an explosion. Fight scenes between the bad guys and police took place on the steps and not long after, we got our first look at the movie's villain, Bane.

    Bane is well known to Batman fans who followed the comic book series and the cartoon. He is larger than life and even breaks Batman's back during a fight. No word on if that injury will be part of the movie script. We don't want to know all of the spoilers, right?

    Photos: "Dark Knight Rises" Oakland Set

    Three camouflage Batmobiles or Tumblers, as they're called, also arrived and were an instant crowd-pleaser among the on-lookers. Until today, I didn't realize these futuristic looking vehicles were even functional, but they certainly are and look incredibly cool driving down the street.

    Bane stood on top of one of the Tumblers and read from a manifesto which he then ripped to pieces.

    Channel 11 sports reporter Rich Walsh got married today just steps from all of the action and he and his new bride, Michele, were invited on the set after the ceremony. They posed for what might be the coolest wedding pictures ever, with one of the camo Tumblers. Rich and Michele were also filmed by the crew as part of the "Making of Batman" documentary.

    Photos: Rich Walsh's Wedding Pictures With Batmobile

    Channel 11 is also leaving its mark on the "Dark Knight" set with its news trucks. When you see them in the movie they'll be marked as GTV (Gotham TV) and GCN (Gotham Cable News), but you'll know that they're really WPXI news trucks in disguise.

    Tomorrow we're expecting more of the same type of shots, back at the Mellon Institute in Oakland.

    Friday, July 29 (Lawrenceville)

    Filming began in Lawrenceville today and Channel 11 News reporter Lori Houy visited the set to check it out.

    WPXI Visits Set In Lawrenceville: Photos | Video

    We got our first glimpse of the snow Christopher Nolan promised during the press conference. Crew members scattered what looked like crumbled Styrofoam along the street and on top of cars that had Gotham City license plates.

    Neighbors Lori talked to were excited didn't seem at all inconvenienced by the swarm of people, cameras and large rigs invading their space. Some were even asked to remove flowers from their porches to make it look more like winter, but no one complained.

    A location manager said today's shoot would include interior and exterior shots of a home.

    The "Dark Knight's" stay in Lawrenceville will be short lived. Tomorrow production moves to Oakland where it will stay through Thursday.

    Thursday, July 28 (Downtown)

    Today was an exciting day as the Pittsburgh Film Office hosted a press conference at the Renaissance Hotel to announce the kickoff of filming. Director, writer and producer Christopher Nolan and actor Christian Bale, along with producer Emma Thomas, executive producer Kevin De La Noy, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, County Executive Dan Onorato and Governor Tom Corbett all spoke to the media.

    "The welcoming attitude of the people, along with Pittsburgh's beautiful architecture and city streets, will bring enormous production value to 'The Dark Knight Rises,'" said Christopher Nolan, director, writer and producer. "I'm very much looking forward to spending some time here."

    Film office director Dawn Keezer said Pittsburgh would be only city of the "Dark Knight" locations where Nolan and company would hold a press conference.

    The small room in the hotel was packed with local and national media alike. Bale seemed to take a more low key approach to what was a big day for our city; he arrived unshaven, sporting a track jacket, cargo pants and tennis shoes.

    "I'm really looking forward to filming in your city," Bale said. "We'll be fighting in your streets a great deal. Thank you so much for your generosity of spirit and hospitality ahead of time. We'll try to stay out of your hair as much as possible."

    Watch all of the videos from the press conference below and click here to read more.

    Also, keep in eye on the Highmark building downtown tonight. Rumor has it the bat signal will be shining above our city again as a welcome to the cast and crew.

    PHOTOS: Christian Bale, Christopher Nolan At 'Batman' Press Conference RAW VIDEO: Actor Christian Bale Talks 'Batman' In Pittsburgh RAW VIDEO: 'Batman' Director Christopher Nolan Calls Pittsburgh 'Very Impressive' RAW VIDEO: 'Batman' Executive Producer Kevin De La Noy Thanks Pittsburgh Agencies RAW VIDEO: Producer Emma Thomas Says 'Batman' Crew Feels 'Very Welcome' RAW VIDEO: 'Batman' Symbol Displayed On Highmark Building In Pittsburgh


    Monday, July 25 thru Friday, July 29 (Lawrenceville)

    No parking times and dates:

    West side of 41st Street, 75ft in either direction of 170 41st Street, from 7/25 at 5 a.m. through 7/30 at 7 p.m.

    East side of 41st Street, 40ft in either direction of 170 41st Street, from 7/28 at 5 a.m. through 7/29 at 11 p.m.

    West side of 41st Street from Butler to Foster, 7/28 at 5 a.m. through 7/29 at 11 p.m.

    East side of 41st Street from Butler to Foster, 7/28 at 7 p.m. through 7/29 at 11 p.m.

    Street Closures times and dates:

    41st Street from Butler to Foster, 7/29 at 5 a.m. through 7/29 at 11 p.m.

    Eden Way from Banner Way to 41st Street 7/29 through 7/29 at 11 p.m.

    Saturday, July 30 (Oakland)

    Crowd scenes on Dithridge at the intersection with Henry Street where a set is to be built in the archway beneath the Software Institute. These scenes will culminate in a large, potentially loud pyrotechnic effect. As is customary, our activity will be overseen by Pittsburgh Police and Fire departments. Appropriate notice will be given in advance of all pyrotechnic activity and pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the area will be controlled as appropriate. The above scenes may also involve gunfire.

    Sunday, July 31 (Oakland)

    Continuation of crowd scenes on Dithridge if not completed on Saturday. This may include the pyrotechnic effect. The scenes may also involve gunfire. Again, our activity will be overseen by Pittsburgh Police and Fire departments, as well as the appropriate notice given. Further crowd scenes will take place on the front steps of the Mellon Institute as well as on 5th St. Accordingly, traffic will be closed on 5th Avenue between Bellefield and Dithridge, again under the supervision of Pittsburgh P.D.

    Monday, August 1 & Tuesday, August 2 (Oakland)

    No filming activity but our equipment and vehicles will remain in the area. A large construction crane will be installed on Dithridge just South of 5th Ave. This is to enable us to light the interior of the Mellon Institute on Wednesday and Thursday.

    Wednesday, August 3 & Thursday, August 4 (Oakland)

    The majority of the filming will take place WITHIN the Mellon Institute but there will also be a few exterior scenes. One of the scenes will feature pyrotechnic effects within the building and the scenes may also involve gunfire with the appropriate notice given. 5th Avenue will technically be open to through traffic but will be subject to intermittent control throughout both days by the police.

    Tuesday, August 9 Through Thursday, August 11 (Downtown)

    Oliver Ave will be closed from Wood to Grant from 8 p.m. on Tuesday August 9 through 5 a.m. on Thursday August 11.

    Smithfield will be closed from 5th Ave to 6th Ave from 8 p.m. on Tuesday August 9 through 5 a.m. on Thursday August 11.

    The north side curb lane of 5th Ave from Smithfield to Liberty will be closed from 6 p.m. on Tuesday August 9 through 5 a.m. on Thursday August 11.

    The west side curb lane of Wood St from Liberty to 5th Ave will be closed from 6 p.m. on Tuesday August 9 through 5 a.m. on Thursday August 11.

    The south side curb lane of 6th Ave from Wood to Smithfield will be closed from 6 p.m. on Tuesday August 9 through 5 a.m. on Thursday August 11.

    Cherry Way: Friday, August 12 (Downtown)

    Cherry Way will be closed from 3rd Ave to 5th Ave from 6 p.m. on Thursday August 11 through 6 a.m. on Saturday August 13.

    Forbes will be closed from Grant to Smithfield from 6 p.m. on Thursday August 11 through 6 a.m. on Saturday August 13.

    4th Ave will be closed from Grant to Smithfield from 6 p.m. on Thursday August 11 through 6 a.m. on Saturday August 13.

    Smithfield Street: Saturday, August 13 & Sunday, August 14 (Downtown)

    All closures below will occur from 10 p.m. on Friday August 12 through 6 a.m. on Monday August 15.

    Smithfield from Boulevard of the Allies to 6th Ave

    3rd Ave from Wood to Cherry Way (local access to parking garages only)

    4th Ave from Wood to Cherry Way (local access to parking garages only)

    Forbes from Wood to Cherry Way (local access to parking garages only)

    5th Ave from Wood to William Penn Place

    Oliver from Wood to William Penn Place (local access to parking garages only)

    South side curb lane of 6th Ave from Wood to Smithfield from 5 a.m. on Saturday August 13 through 10 p.m. on Sunday August 14.

    Smithfield/3rd Ave/Wood/4th Ave: Wednesday, August 17 & Thursday August 18 (Downtown)

    All closures will occur from 10 p.m. on Tuesday August 16 through 5 a.m. on Friday August 19

    Smithfield from Boulevard of the Allies to Forbes

    3rd Ave from Cherry Way to Market (local access to parking garages only)

    4th Ave from Cherry Way to Market (local access to parking garages only)

    Wood from Boulevard of the Allies to Forbes

    Strawberry Way/7th Ave/William Penn Place Filming: Saturday, August 20 (Downtown)

    Strawberry Way will be closed from Coffee Way to Smithfield from 7 a.m. on Friday August 19 through 10 p.m. on Sunday August 21.

    The following roads will be closed from 11 p.m. on Friday August 19 through 7 a.m. on Sunday August 21.

    Strawberry Way will be closed from Smithfield to Grant

    William Penn Place from 6th Ave to Liberty

    7th Ave from Grant to Liberty

    Smithfield from 6th Ave to Liberty

    Montour Way from 6th Ave to 7th Ave

    For the latest advisories visit pghfilm.org.

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