• Woman shot, killed after rejecting man at bar remembered


    PITTSBURGH - A woman killed after she rejected a man’s advances at a bar was remembered by family and friends Friday.

    Janese Talton, 29, was shot and killed by 41-year-old Charles McKinney after she turned him down at a bar.


    “It leaves you speechless,” said Connie Moore.

    Moore told Channel 11 she didn’t know Talton, but she did know her brother, Pittsburgh Democratic state Rep. Ed Gainey. Gainey plays a key role in Moore’s support group for victims.

    “He is the head of our group,” Moore said. “Mothers with a voice. We are here to support him and his family.”

    Gainey’s sister, Talton, was shot and killed outside Clif’s Bar on North Lang Avenue last week.

    McKinney led authorities on a car chase and was shot after his vehicle nearly hit two officers, then sped toward several others, according to police.

    “I just pray for them and hope they are able to go on because it’s hard,” Moore said.

    A preliminary hearing for McKinney is scheduled for Feb. 5. 

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